Joey Lomangino passed away Wednesday

Pax Christi!

Joey Lomangino, 83, of Lindenhurst, Long Island, passed away Wed. 6/18/14.

He was supposed to be cured of blindness, according to the alleged seers of Garabandal, but died having never recovered his sight.

The alleged locutions were disapproved by the Church, weren’t they?

Anyway, may Eternal Light soon shine upon him.

God bless.

It looks better for Joey, a good man obviously committed in his faith through his great devotion to Our Lady. I am sure that she looks after her own in her intercession with her Son. May He rest in peace.
It doesn’t look as good for the seers belief in this private revelation which we have never been advised as accepted as supernatural by the Church, without any condemnation of the supposed messages themselves.

There are 3 categories of Church determination on apparitions:

[in English]

  • Confirmed supernatural; ie, approved;

  • Confirmed not supernatural; ie, condemned;

  • Not confirmed supernatural. Ie, left open.

Garabandal fell into the last category.

ISTM that it was disproven long ago, since the “Miracle” was to have taken place within the reign of the next 3 popes, and there have now been 5 popes since that was said.


Praying for the repose of his soul.

Common sense that you can stick a fork into Garabandal: Its done, over

As someone else noted on a different site:

I don't know what the big fuss about Joey dying is all about. Have you all OVERLOOKED the fact that Conchita was SURPRISED when Padre Pio died? She is the one who SUPPOSEDLY knows the DATE of the Miracle. DATE would include the YEAR. He was already in His 70's. Did She really expect He was going to live to be around 130 years old?

Padre Pio was born in 1887, died in 1968 at 81 years old.

Although the warning is part of Catholic prophecy namely through St Edmund Campion and Anna Marie Taigi , St. Faustina and perhaps others, however the miracle associated with this warning through Garabandal has no counterpart in the many approved saints, venerables and blessed seers. I do expect a warning for our time or perhaps another time, however I do not expect the “miracle”.

I had wrote this on catholic answers forms… The entire post (hours of writing) was deleted. These are my personal thoughts on it. I

:thumbsup: It was over well before this. The seer also predicted that Pope Paul VI would see “the warning.”

For Joey, a faithful servant - Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen.

I’ll be praying for an end to the “other” alleged apparition as well, and for Catholic tour companies to stop promoting “pilgrimages” there.

My prayers are with him. He died on the same day the apparitions supposedly started and ended?

Gary, he died on the day that Michael the archangel allegedly appeared to the young girls.

On a stranger note the Bishop that condemned the Bayside apparitions died on the seers birthday. I doubt that this lends credence to the messages though many see it as a “sign”. I certainly don’t want to see a nefarious group of wiccans and freemasons trying to take over the world and then have God throw a “ball of redemption” at us to stop them.OY VEY!

Rest in peace,Joey Lomangino

I had an admiration for him and his sincerity.

May he Rest in Peace, always thought it a bit cruel that someone would have to wait years to get their sight back, may that other unmentionable place run out of time too !

In the spirit of predictions, those that DON’T come to
pass may have been done in truth that it was God’s
intent to heal Joey Lomangino!
You see, all things follow God’s laws, whether physical
laws like gravity, or spiritual laws!
If God wills something, like doing good to an individual and
he starts acting pride-fully and sinning against God’s inviol-
able laws, it will change God’s mind, even tho it was predicted.

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