John 1:1 The word was a god


Hi does anyone know of a book that explains the translation John 1:1 from Greek to english and why the correct translation Is The word was god. Any websites, books, or other resources would be greatly appreciated.


The greek is as follows

en arche en ho logos kai ho logos en pro ton theon kai theos en ho logos (transliterated)

in (the )beginning to be (was) the word and the word to be with the God and God to be the Word

Which best translates into english I think

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God.

The only difference between the words are theos and theon. I don’t think theos is less than theon it just has to do with what word comes before it.


Literal translation:
In beginning was the word (past tense of “to be”)

and the word was with the God (definite article used at times where English does not - but a specific God is being talked about, theon is the accusative case of theos, which is nominative case)

and God was the word (theos and logos both nominative case, signaling equality of being. definite article on “the word”, making it the subject in English “The word was God”. since “the God” was used in prior phrase, this phrase without the definite article is referring to the previous reference to “the” God, and so this phrase does not mean “A God” with the indefinite article in English)


Johns Gospel is High Christology which means it not only shows Jesus as the “Son of God,” which is low Christology but shows Jesus as God himself, the second person of the blessed Trinity.


While this particular author is not Catholic, he does a pretty good job refuting that (mis)translation.


Years ago when I first studied Greek, I found the explanation by William Mounce extremely helpful, even though he is not a Catholic. Here is a link to an explanation that drew straight from Mounce’s explanation.


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