But he who does what is true comes to the light that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have be wrought in God. John 3.21


Nice scripture quote on works! :thumbsup:


Loving God is an action. It requires faith but it is an action.


Careful, you just said Faith and Works:D


I am confused, what do I need to be careful about? We are saved by grace through our faith but as James tells us, true faith has works. Faith without works is dead.


What Luigi Daniele was alluding to is that there are some protestants that hold that one is saved by faith alone ONLY and often miss what is said in the book of James (James 2:24). You however have not missed this fact. :slight_smile:

– Cadian :knight1:


That’s it exactly. Thanks for making it clearer than I did:o


What does John 3,21 mean when it says that one comes to the light that it may be shown that his deeds have been wrought in God. If someone’s deeds are of God why come to the light to show that they are of God?


This is my opinion: Jesus is the “light” and if the deeds are not revealed in the light then they are not recognised. -OR- in other words … more confirmation that Faith alone is not sufficient. And works that prove ones faith/love are needed.

So … The light is faith in Christ “the light of the world” and deeds are “works of love and devotion”. Hence one is not saved by faith alone reiterated. :wink:

– Cadian :knight1:


Seeker100, you aren’t one of those Protestants that believes in faith alone, are you? I wouldn’t think so, considering your post, and I’ve known Protestants that don’t believe in faith alone.


Of course not. Faith alone is nonsence. Faith alone is for those that reject God and do not want to do His will. They miss out on the life of loving.


Without Jesus man is in a certain state. Without Jesus man can know God and understand God. Without Jesus, man can love God and feel God’s joy. Without Jesus man can love and obey God. The Jews of the old testimate, that served God, lived like this.

There is a problem however, in the relationship with God, if one does not have Jesus. Without Jesus one can love God and obey God in one’s heart and mind. In one’s actions however, without Jesus, one cannot do things straight to God. Without Jesus if one is obeying God, one does things to people or to tasks, one cannot do things straight to God, even though that is one’s motive. Thus servants of God without Jesus have their actions in the dark even though their motives are truly for God.

Thus having Jesus changes this. With Jesus a servant of God, not only serves God in his or her mind and heart, but also in his or her actions by doing things straight for God in others. With Jesus being God, the servant of God can serve Jesus (who is God and Love) in each person he or she meets. The action of the servant now, serving Jesus in others, has his or her actions manifested as having been wrought in God as the actions now match the heart and mind and motive, in the truthfulness of serving God as they are now to and for God.

This is real life. This is being part of the body of Christ, the servants of God, for the benefit of all mankind.


Okay, great :). Good to have that clarified!


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