John 6:53 as it applies to non-catholic Christians


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I have questions relating to John 6:53. Jesus states that “unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood you have no life in you.” Did Jesus mean that we must partake in the Eucharist in order to share in divine life? If this is what the Lord meant how does this apply to a non-catholic Christian that believes that the communion wafer is just a symbol and does not believe in Jesus’ real presence in the bread & wine? Does this mean they have no life in them? I have difficulty believing that a non-catholic Christian does not have life because she does not partake in the Eucharist. I know non denominational Christians that do not partake in the Eucharist but their life style indicates that they love Lord and are living Christ committed lives. Is it possible that they are receiving their spiritual nourishment through studying the Word of God & by incorporating it to their lives?

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Whose eternal life is Jesus speaking of in 6:53, ours or His? The eucharist is Christs glorified body, so to reiterate, whose eternal life are we participating in, ours or His?

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Don’t forget…Church teaching is contingent on the ignorance of the person. See paragraph 1792 of the Catechism. We cannot assume anyone’s condemnation. For the Spirit may impart any graces that the Spirit determines.

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