John 8: 21-30

“From the beginning I have told you, I am not of this world;
Where I must go, you cannot not follow me;
When I go away, you will perish in your sin;
You are from this world below, I am from above;
You will die in your sins unless you believe in me;
As the Father has taught me, I speak to you;
He who sent me, is with me, I am not alone;
When you lift up the Son of man, you will know, I Am;
There is much to judge and say to you; but He who sent me is true;
I do nothing on my own authority; the Father is with me;
For I do what is pleasing to Him, so you may believe;
As the Father is with me, I will always be with you; you will never be alone.”

We are not alone. Jesus is with us.

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