John a cousin of Jesus


I have just discovered the following: Jesus gave his mother to John to take care of since he was a first cousin of Jesus. Since John was related to Jesus by his mother since John’s mother–Salome was Mary’s sister/relative, John was actually the closest male relative around at the time.


Elizabeth was John’s mother.


wrong John - John, the son of Zebedee, was not Jesus’ relative. You are thinking of John the BAPTIST who was MARTYRED by King Herod. who was committing adultery and John was killed for pointing this out.

The John that Jesus gave his mother to, was the son of Zebedee.

John the Baptist was the son of Elizabeth and Zechariah.


Wasn’t Elizabeth John the Baptists mom? He was dead by then…I think. This is John the apostle, again, I think…

Jedilz crossed ahead and confirmed me! Thanks!




Jesus gave the care of His mother to someone outside of the ‘‘family,’’ John son of Zebedee. If Jesus had brothers or even stepbrothers, by custom, those siblings would have assumed the care of the Blessed Mother. This speaks to Jesus not having siblings, which supports the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Mother






John’s mother was the sister of Jesus mentioned in John 19:25. It is highly improbable that there were 2 people in Mary’s family named Mary. And Eusebius records that Clopas was a brother of Joseph making Mary a sister in law of Mary.


The sister of Jesus???!!!???


I meant the sister of Mary. Sorry about that.:eek:


John’s mother was the sister of Mary mentioned in John 19:25. It is highly improbable that there were 2 people in Mary’s family named Mary. And Eusebius records that Clopas was a brother of Joseph making Mary a sister in law of Mary.


Assuming this is true, (and given the excellent references from early Church sources, it probably is true) where does Zebedee fit into this family tree? I don’t think he does. Still, it is irrelevant.

The fact that James and John were referred to as brothers of Jesus is not understood if translate literally. One of the problems with the colloquial Aramaic use of ‘‘brother’’ is that it was used for brother or any level of distant cousin. Eusibius, who wrote in Greek, used more precise language but was interpreting 200 year old documents. So to understand the new testaments’ meaning, you have to look at the whole New Testament’s descriptions of family relations.

One thing we know is that when a woman lost all her sons, she was consigned to a life of begging. We also know that sons were obligated to care for their mothers, but not necessarily other relations. If Mary had sons other than Jesus, He would not have needed to give her to John. In fact, Jesus giving His Mother to an outsider or a distant relation when there were sons to care for her would have resulted in bad feeling and probably even a huge riff between the sons of Joseph and the sons of Zebedee. No such struggle took place because Mary, ever Virgin, gave birth to no Son except Jesus.


. Salome,The mother of The Apostle John, and Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus , were all first cousins.





Although I believe in the perpetual virginity of Mary, I actually wanted to discuss John’s relation to Jesus. This would actually be an explanation why Jesus priveliged the sons of Zebedee.

I actually believe that Jesus’ “brothers” were His stepbrothers, and Eastern Catholics share that belief with me too.




James/Joseph/Judas/Simon of Mary Clopas would be Jesus cousins since Clopas is Joseph’s(Jesus dad) brother according to Eusibius. My question is why not hand his mother to these cousins rather than unrelated John? And IF these are disbelieving brothers, after they became believers, why didn’t Mary moved back to them so that all tribal sensitivities would be smoothed out? And what about James the Just brother of the Lord as well? He is in the running to take care of Mary and he probably became a convert after Christ appeared to him, all within 40 days of his death. Mary should be taken care off by Just James, but not.

My thinking is he did that to protect his mother from hostile powers, either Jew or Roman who would naturally look for the tribal kin of Joseph. Perhaps force Mary to recant/deny her son’s divinity or as a pawn. Imagine this: where are you hiding his body. We can’t find it. Produce it or else.

Eusebius said that Emperors Vespasian and Domitian came after the descendants of David after the conquest of Jerusalem because they feared the coming of Christ but let them go because they were poor and appear harmless farm folks.


Jesus’ brothers were His older stepbrothers; the cousin theory came much later. John was actually the closest relation to Jesus; Jews traced bloodline through their mothers.


Josephus calls James, the executed Jerusalem Church leader, the brother of Jesus.

I suppose he was wrong about that.

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