John Adams Miniseries


I was thinking about getting the above DVDs for my parents, both conservative Catholics. I have seen the first couple episodes, but not all. Except for a rather-graphic tar-and-feathering scene, it looks quite good. Even that was good but it was not for everyone, obviously.

Has anyone seen the whole thing? Is there anything else in it that conservative Catholic parents may find objectionable?



I recall one moderately “passionate” bedroom scene when John and Abigail are re-united in France I think. Of course, they *were *married. The scene at the French court is rather heavy on 18th Century bodices; you’d have to judge if your folks would object to such scenes.

Of course, there is also the fact that Adams was a passionate anti-Catholic (a trait common to a number of Founding Fathers, it turns out), although I don’t recall any such comments making it into the script. Certainly the production values of the series were very good.

Is there any chance your local library has a copy of the DVD which you watch it first?

I agree it was a very good series, although it moved rather quickly. I would have preferred eight episodes instead of four. :o

There are seven episodes.

Oh, so there are. For some reason I remembered it as four. :o

Regardless, I think the miniseries moved too quickly. This reminds me that I want to read the book!

But not to ol’ GW, it seems.

I remember reading a letter he wrote (IIRC) where he looked forward to the day when Catholics were welcomed as brothers or equals or somesuch in the grand Republic.

Despite my Canadian mentality (and all that entails), and my general attitude towards that little bit of unpleasantness in the Colonies, I find the more I read about Washington, the more I like him. I think they don’t make 'em like him much anymore.

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