John Bel Edwards signs 72-hour wait for abortion law


BATON ROUGE — Gov. John Bel Edwards has signed legislation that will force women in Louisiana to wait 72 hours before getting an abortion.

Five other states have similar waits, the longest in the country.

A woman in Louisiana currently has to wait 24 hours from the time she consults with a doctor and gets a mandatory ultrasound until getting an abortion. On Aug. 1, the wait will grow to three days.



Wish they could make it 72 years, though. :wink:


I dont like the use of the word “forced” in the article. This is way I no longer write for mainstream media outlets.


It is factually true though, right? I mean not that it’s not unwelcome though. ‘women have to consider the decision to kill a defenceless human being for 3 days before making a final decision’ is probably a bit long for a headline.


I am glad that some Democrats can be pro-life. John Bel Edwards is an old-style Southern Democrat.




I’m starting to like this guy more and more.


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