John Corapi's 66th birthday

Please offer some extra prayers today for (Fr.) John Corapi. I believe it’s his 66th birthday. Thanks & God bless you.

Will do, so here’s hoping he checks in on these pages once in a while, happy birthday father! we’ll never forget you.

he is not a FR. anymore (FR.) or otherwise

He is a priest of Jesus Christ.

**He is a Priest forever according to the line of Melchisedek. Once a Priest, always a Priest.

Fr. Corapi, if you ever read this post, Happy Birthday, and know that you are in my prayers**.

I second this. In my opinion the church is a poorer place without him whether he is now a priest or not.

He is a priest. You can’t undo sacred ordination any more than you undo baptism. Further, he was never laicized, so he is an active priest, although one living in defiance of his legitimate superiors.

Happy Birthday Fr. Corapi.

It is because of you and Mother Angelica that I listened to that tiny voice and became a Catholic

Thank you.

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