John Dowling

Does anyone have any information on this guy? From what I have heard he was a big opponent of the Catholic Church and wrote a pretty anti-Catholic book. Thanks for any information :thumbsup:


The history of Romanism : from the earliest corruptions of Christianity to the present time ; with full chronological table, indexes and glossary ; and fifty illustrative engravings

What’s got you interested in this guy’s junk?

I’m not interested in this guy. Someone I know was telling me that his book tells us the “real history of the Popes.” I know it’s bunk. I just want some info on the guy so that I can refute my friend and this dopy book. Thanks,

Ah. I hoped as much. The text is on that page in several formats.

Anyone who believes all that stuff is a good candidate for a sale of a swamp somewhere. :rolleyes:

See also - for his book:

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