John Foxe's book of Maryrs


**** I have heard of this book but just recently, I decided to open up one of his books out of curiousity, anyways I found that there are many people listed as martyrs, people I believed that shouldn’t even be on this lists, infact I’d probably say most of them were protestants!, who lived under the influence of Anti-Catholocism, and alot of Propoganda. now there were a few people that consider martyrs, like Ignatius of Antioch, I believe was in his most recent book. this just shocked me because alot of christian really respect his books and infact use it to base their knowledge on.

anyways what do you catholics think of His books and why, is there any thing you have found that was innaccurate?


It’s a Protestant book. Here’s an article on it from the Catholic Encyclopedia:


St_Violet, Foxe’s book was written with the very thoughts in mind that you mentioned – anti-Catholic and propaganda. It’s intent was to show that the Catholics visciously persecuted Protestants and did all sorts of other horrible things.

As a piece of history it should be read as a product of its time and not necessarily as an unbiased source for information on early Protestant history.



The book is basically an example of English anti-Catholic propaganda during the Tudor dynasty.


Here’s a helpful article on the subject:



Great article! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. Thanks for the new resource.:thumbsup:

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