John Hagee: Evangelical Christians are the ‘front line’ for Israel

WASHINGTON (JTA) – Declaring that evangelical Christians are “on the front line of defense for Israel in the United States of America,” the Rev. John Hagee brought delegates to the Christians United for Israel Washington Summit 2012 to their feet with loud cheering and even the sounds of shofars being blown.

“We’re united in the belief that all Bible-believing Christians have a Bible mandate to support Israel,” Hagee, founder of the 7-year-old group, which has been dubbed the Christian AIPAC after the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, said in his opening address Monday at the Washington Conference Center. “The Bible is a Zionist text beginning with the fact that God created the world, and as the owner of the world he entered into a contract with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants forever and gave them the land. Israel does not occupy the land, they own the land.”

It gets worse…

Christian Zionism at it’s worst. He has even declared that the Jew does not need Jesus to get to Heaven.:eek::eek::eek:

Now watch, some Hagee supporter will come on and say “that’s not true!!”
And when I present the evidence with documentation, watch them suddenly log out.

You can’t provide any evidence because that’s a blatant lie. Just kidding. I lol’ed from this post. Though it was a sad lol u_u This just goes to show how terribly lost our protestant brothers and sisters are, without the direction of the Holy Spirit found only in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Nope, I’m not a Catholic. I’m worse than a protestant. I’m a reformed believer. Now Hagee, well, all I can do is pray for him. He behaves in dispicable ways and often comes across as dishonest. I could never follow any of his teachings. Nope, nope, not ever.

And this is a very unfair and one-sided statement designed to insult protestants. I could say the same thing about Catholics, but I choose to respect you. When I quote things I use Catholic authors so if I am uninformed or misinformed, I can be corrected.

Would you really want me to post something about all the lost Catholics who belong to Catholics for Choice?

Thank goodness, most of the people here are kind and treat protestants fairly.

So let me see if I understand what is happening here. *** You purposely posted this to humiliate a protestant. I see how that works. ***
I think I’ll keep this post the next time I’m accused of having contempt for Catholicism. I don’t agree with some of it, but I love and respect Catholics.

Christians are to be witnesses for Christ not for nation states.

There is a church I pass on the way to the coast that perfectly symbolizes this ‘theology’. It has three flags in front of it. At the center is the US flag. To one side is the Israeli flag and to the other is the Christian flag. The symbolism is the US is the greatest thing and Israel and Christianity are vying for second.

I know one girl I went to high school that takes this to an extreme. She has some kind of weird half jewish religion where they read and speak hebrew, celebrate the old testament holidays, won’t eat pork, etc etc. It’s weird, and she insists that her strange brand of worship is ‘authentic’ christianity.

And these are the types who are pushing for continued war in the mideast, in their eyes, “fulfilling prophecy”. Truly frightening.

Excellent point. The persecution of Palestinians (including Palestinian Christians) by the State of Israel can be ignored if people accept these ideas.

Please understand that I am an expert.
An ex is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure.
(ba-dum bum … I know, don’t quit your day job …) :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually I’m trying to tread carefully because every time I get my dandruff up in a knot I make a horse’s hinder of myself.
Now, about the flags.
I believe flag etiquette requires a US flag on its own soil to be centered and higher than other flags.
The symbolism here – as mentioned above, with Israel on one side and the Christian flag on the other – is not that they are secondary.
It is that the US flag is sovereign on its own soil.
Could be wrong … been wrong before …

From what I’ve heard, most of the ones backing and pushing for the rebuilding of the Temple are Christians. :eek:

The Zionists are atheists. Then you have those Jews who are working to rebuild the Temple. It was attempted 3 times. The third time, Emperor Justin the Apostate was determined the third time would be a charm.

He encountered one problem after another to the point, it was getting pretty strange. He backed out.

My pastor told us once they attempt to restore the Temple in Jerusalem…well, he just hopes it will not happen or the consequences will be terrible.

The Muslims have been there since the late 600’s…and how long has the USA existed…a little over 200 years. So now, no matter how Islam took over ours and the Jewish Holy Land, boundaries are pretty mixed up.

The Christians there are the ones who bring peace to all parties, but are leaving for a more peaceful place. The Church of the Nativity saw the Zionists allow a mosque to be built right across the street, and it was a sad site to see on Christmas day, believers coming out of Mass and seeing Muslim men prostrating on the ground bowing to Allah while the mineret was going.

I find it disturbing that Christians base Jesus’s Second Coming on what the Jews do? Hello, they forfeited their rights to the kingdom when they turned their back on him. Remember 70 AD and Titus? Hello!

And is it just me or does anybody else think this nation worries too much about Israel? These evangelical Christians never call Israel to task anytime they wipe out innocent Palestinian civilians and IINM, some of those attacks have killed Palestinian Christians?

I just don’t get it.:frowning:

The Mosque across the street from the Church of the Nativity was erected in 1849 at the time that the area was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. When I was a youth, Bethlehem, under Israeli rule, was prosperous and peaceful with a large Christian majority. In 1995, under the framework of the Oslo peace agreements, the area was given over to the control of the Arab Palestinian Authority. From that time on, Christians began to be persecuted and discriminated against, resulting in their leaving Bethlehem. Today they make up a small minority. Manger square being taken over for Muslim prayers is a new phenomena since the town came under the Arab Palestinian Authority.

The basis for Zionism can be found in the Jewish prayer book (the siddur) and the Jewish scriptures. While Herzl was a non-religious Jew and many modern Zionists were socialists, they did not originate the Zionist idea which has always been an integral part of the Jewish people and Judaism. For this reason I dislike categorization of Zionism by “hyphenation” (such as: religious-Zionism) That being said, religious Jewish orthodox kippah wearing Zionists (commonly referred to as kippot srugot or “knitted kippas” to differentiate them from the ultra-orthodox) make up a central part of Zionists and Zionism today - millions of Jews.

(off topic - but Syrian radio reports that the Syrian defense minister , the interior minister of Syria and Assad’s brother-in-law (deputy Chief of staff of the army) have been killed in a suicide bombing- the end of Assad’s government looks nearer then ever).

As for Christians bringing “peace to all parties” - the precarious position and suspicion toward Christians in Arab Islamic society has frequently caused them to show their loyalty to Arab Islamic society by being even more radical than their Muslim neighbors. Thus, the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was a Christian by the name of George Habash. He brought us Black September, the 1970 Swiss Air bombing killing 47, the Lod airport massacre killing 27, and of course, the Air France high jacking to Entebbe. He opposed the Oslo peace agreements and joined forces with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

As for Hagee and Evangelical Christians, having Christians involved in supporting the Jewish state, in spreading love and support to the Jewish people instead of persecution and lies, makes them (whatever their motivations and beliefs) - true Righteous Gentiles :thumbsup:

As for Hagee and Evangelical Christians, having Christians involved in supporting the Jewish state, in spreading love and support to the Jewish people instead of persecution and lies, makes them (whatever their motivations and beliefs) - true Righteous Gentiles

A false dilemma, one can be critical of Israel and it’s policies without hating or persecuting the Jewish people. Whether Israel views Christians as righteous gentiles should not be a primary concern for any Christian ultimately.

Indeed, the implementation of Genesis 12:3 is in the hands of God.

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