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This morning I was listening to John Hagee preaching at Liberty Univ, with Falwell sitting on the podium/stage. Hagee gave quite a show. He was preaching about Islamism and its takeover of America, giving reasons for this such as our government’s liberal immigration policies, porous borders, etc. He said that one day America will be under Sharia law and believers will be decapitated, etc…etc…He said America is too dependent on Arab oil and one day after Europe becomes Islamic, they will cut us off. We beat Germany in WWII because we cut off their oil supplies. Ok, so all this could happen. I’m scared. A lot of the Christian message was missing from his sermon. How can we control what our gov’t allows or does anyway? How does God want us to behave in the face of all this? I wanted to get my gun and kill a few terrorists myself. But the bible tells us to love our enemies. Hagee would see America fighting them - after all, martyrdom is abhorrent to American Christianity. After scaring everybody during his “sermon”, he capped it off by saying how Russia is embracing the Arab world and getting ready for Armaggedon and then came out with "three-and-a-half years prior to Armaggedon, the Lord will rapture the Church out of here. That He didn’t do it for any other Christians in history makes us American Christians special. We won’t see our heads separated from our bodies, because we will be raptured. What a concept, we won’t have to suffer. Gee John, I’ll send in my donations right now.


You ought to hear him rip into the Catholic Church. “The Whore of Babalyon” he says. I’ve seen him with backdrops graphics and the whole 9 yards. Hagee is an interesting character and there are lots of people in central Texas with lots of interesting things to say about him. Do you know anyone who actually pays attention to him or is he just a crank?


He’s just another fundamentalist crank. Not long ago there was a thread that ran for a few days that had a couple of Hagee True Blues, a husband and wife as I recall, running through the Hagee dogma.

I grew up in Austin, and am very familiar with the type of fundamentalism that finds a home in Texas. It is very nationalistic and warlike. Hagee is only one among dozens. I’m not sure why he gets so much attention, though. God knows, he ain’t purty!


We are in the Age of Paranoia and guys like this fill the widening chasm of that phenomenon.



Hagee is very entertaining, but he is also a proven liar from the pulpit, as I detailed here:

I was still one of his co-religionists when I saw what, and it made me swear him off forever. Well, maybe not forever–if he ever becomes Catholic…



How can he be avoided? He’s on TV all the time! There is this belief in “modern Protestantism” that thinks we have to support Israel no matter what atrocities they commit. Never forget that the Israelis were so moved by Falwell that they gave him a jet plane in appriciation for his shilling in their behalf.


I definitely don’t subscribe to John Hagee’s theology. He had some good things to say about Mother Theresa though. :slight_smile:


I’d like to see that quote. I suspect anything positive he had to say about her was wrapped in a heretical or anti-Catholic speech.


From the TBN site: Mother Teresa

[quote=near the end of the article]Years go by and Mother Theresa’s activities grow more and more intense. The mass media praise her deeds but also give room to her opposers’ accusations. Mother Theresa does not care. She always manages to handle the persisting lack of funds. She prays and she never loses sight of those she cares about: lepers dying in the streets of Calcutta, the spiritually poor in the Western world, orphan and abandoned children. She first meets Pope Paul VI and then Pope John Paul II – the latter grants her permission to open a missionary nun centre in an office within the Vatican. In 1979 she receives the Nobel Prize for Peace. She would always and determinedly refuse to organise bureaucratically her activities in order not to lose the simplicity of her original vocation. And with the intense and relentless work of a lifetime she would unite the entire mankind with the simple words of a prayer.


Most fundamentalists don’t like him though. He believes that Jews will be saved, just because they’re Jewish, and that they don’t need to believe in Jesus to be saved.


He’s a good example of sensationalism in religious tv shows.:rolleyes:


:mad: So what so called " Atrocities" are you accusing the Israelies of commiting. Compaired to the history of the CC the Israelies are saints.

I support John Hagee defense of Israel 110 %.

FYI reread genesis 12:3 about Israel

Gen 12:3 And I will bless1288 them that bless1288 thee, and curse779 him that curseth7043 thee: and in thee shall all3605 families4940 of the earth127 be blessed.128

Gen 12:3 and I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse: and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.


So, what “atrocities” has the Catholic Church committed that makes the Israelis seem like “saints?”


So what happens when an Israelite curses another Israelite and the cursed Israelite curses the first Israelite back?

Or what happens when the nation of Israel curses their Messiah and the Messiah of Israel curses the nation of Israel back?

Again I ask: Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious. But if their transgression means riches for the world, and their loss means riches for the Gentiles, how much greater riches will their fullness bring!


I’d say we’re all about the same to be honest…


OK totally honest here… the man drives me crazy! But in his defense, he gets me so mad on Sunday mornings I usually get up earlier to pray than I would if I didn’t wake up to his blarney on TV… works great on hubby too…:thumbsup:


Hagee makes money off his ability to entertain, his theatrics. His theology is all wrong and if he didn’t keep the audience on an emotional high than they might sober up and come home to the truth - which may not be as fun as hagee’s stage show act.


Just remember no matter what happens GOD is completely in control. No worrying about what will hapen will change anything. No one can “mess up HIs plan”. As long as we walk with Christ, He will give us the strength to persevere to the end:thumbsup:


The Bible does say that God hardened their hearts so doesn’t that mean they can’t believe in Jesus the way a Christian would? The Jews do believe in a Messiah that hasn’t arrived yet and isn’t that the same Messiah Christians believe in?


Me too!: :thumbsup:

People forget that someday Jesus will rule the world from Jerusalem.

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