John Kerry and EU diplomats fail to reach an agreement with Iran over nuclear program in second day of talks in Geneva


John Kerry has participated in the third day of talks over Iran’s nuclear program
Diplomats from the UK, China, Russia, France and Germany have been in talks with Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif
Western diplomats are seeking to curb Iran’s nuclear program
Iran denies its program is to be used for weapons
Iran currently runs more than 10,000 centrifuges that have created tons of fuel-grade material that can be enriched to arm nuclear warheads
Israel Prime Minister has spoken critically about any deal that lifts sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program
Talks continue but diplomats say there is no set date for an agreement to be reached


Well, I think we could have expected this. Even though Rouhani seems to be a more moderate president for Iran, there are still a ton of other officials in Iran who could have a serious influence on any deal that could be reached.

I really wish that we could come to a deal with Iran. I hate the fact that our ally, Israel, could potentially experience a serious attack from Iran in the future.


Just remember it’s Ruhollah Khomeini who has the final say what goes in Iran.


I remember the drumbeat about Iraq being close to developing a nuclear weapon, and how we needed to invade Iraq in order to stop it from developing a nuclear bomb, back in 2002.

And what a hoax that was! :mad:

We went into Iraq based on a hoax, we fought a war based on a hoax, and we had our sons and daughters killed, as well as lots of Iraqi civilians killed, based on a hoax. :(

We shot up the place with depleted uranium, and cancers in Iraq went through the roof. In Fallujah, overall cancer rates increased 4.22-fold, childhood cancer rates increased 12.6-fold, leukemias increased 38.5-fold (!!!), lymphomas increased 9.24-fold, female breast cancers 9.7-fold. Infant mortality rate in the 0-1 year group also more than quadrupled - see here .

So yeah, if we continue our war-mongering, Iran will soon have a nuclear catastrophe on her hand, too, just like Iraq, Bosnia, and Kosovo - a nuclear catastrophe caused by our own depleted uranium shells, if we decide to invade Iran and shoot it up with DU, the way we did with Iraq... :o

As an added tragedy, we are observing increased numbers of miscarriages and birth defects among our returning military's babies, as well as cancers in our veterans who served in Iraq, Bosnia, and Kosovo. :( See for example here - quote:

Both men and women deployed to the Gulf theater reported significant excesses of birth defects among their liveborn infants. These excess rates also extended to the subset of “moderate to severe” birth defects [males: OR= 1.78 (CI = 1.19–2.66); females: OR = 2.80 (CI = 1.26–6.25)].

(explanation: OR means odds ratio, CI means confidence interval. E.g., in female veterans, birth defects increased 2.8-fold among their babies)

Also - quote from :

An increase in lymphomas has been seen in Italian peace-making troops serving in Kosovo.

So, enough with the war mongering already! :mad:

We need to leave the Iranian people alone, and we should have left the Iraqi people alone. We are spreading nothing but cancer, miscarriages, and birth defects with our DU shells, and after what we did in Iraq, I truly don't want any of my tax dollars to pay for killing and maiming the civilians of Iran. :(


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