John Leary and Josyp Terelya


I’m hoping that I can get some help with this as well. A year ago, I heard that the church had not come to a conclusion on these men. I wonder if that position has changed any yet. I’ve read some of Leary’s material and I’ve seen some stuff in there that just don’t add up. He has a reputation for being millenarianist. Millenarianism is a Protestant invention. He seems to say that John Paul II is the last faithful pope and then Jesus will reestablish his reign. I thought there would be papal succession until the end of time. Something seems wrong here. My question is are the books regarding “Be Prepared for the End Times” on the forbidden books list? I’m aware of the fact that false seers have been increasing. Thanks!

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I read this almost 2 years ago from

July 7, 2000, on behalf of Bishop Mathew H. Clark, the diocese announced:

  1. That John Leary had mistaken the “normal workings of the mind in the processes of mental prayer for supernatural locutions.”

  2. That the “locutions” are human in origin, not divine.

  3. That a Preface must be included in all newly printed or reprinted material, such warning the readers that the material contains a number of doctrinal errors.
    Just to verify the bishop’s statement, I wrote the diocese of Rochester a letter and they sent a statement with the same info. The website also highlites how John Leary’s “locutions” say that there will be a 1,000 year reign of Christ after a tribulation period (millenialism) Also, his “locutions” tell people not to obey the next pope because he will be invalidly elected.

Strangely enough, the John Leary website does not conform to item number 3. I haven’t seen his recent books.


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