John MacArthur Debate

Having a discussion with a Baptist today and he mentioned John MacAuthur and so I did some research about his positions on Roman Catholicism. I was surprised to read/ hear how he spends so much effort spreading mis information about Catholicism with nothing to back it up except his own authority and interpretation of scripture.

My question - Has he ever debated a Catholic Apologist on his positions? I couldn’t find anything. If you know of some debate I would like a link to it.


He is the textbook example of a fundamentalist - absolutely convinced that he is the one who is right. He comes over as an intellectual, very confident and very convincing for many people. He has written many books and even has his own Bible version, I think.

There are dozens of video clips of him on YouTube, perhaps hundreds. As you said, a sizeable portion is anti-Catholic. But he is pretty much anti everything which doesn’t agree with his belief. You will mostly find solo speeches, not many debates.

As a scientist I always freak out when I listen to his lectures on “science”. What bothers me is that he has a worldwide audience of followers; I feel especially sorry for all those brain-washed children.

With Mac Arthur followers, just ask them why they give him so much authority. Why should someone listen to him?

He is just a man with an opinion.

Then pick something he says, and refute it with facts.

That’s easy said. John M claims to base his beliefs on the Bible, and the Bible alone. Try to refute that.

It’s not that hard, he conflicts with plenty of other Protestants too.

You need to explain why the Bible Alone is flawed, and that despite his “education” Mac Arthur is no different than anyone else.

Then you pick some gross error he espouses like Mary worship or something, and prove with history and facts that he is wrong.

Takes some work, but don’t let his big name scare you.

I would check and see if John Ankerburg has any programs with him and Catholic apologists. Warning, John Ankerburg is not pro-Catholic but I know he has done some programs where he has made attempts to but Catholics on to defend what the Catholic church teaches. I think he has done prgrams with Fr Mitch Pacwa.

If you want to hear debates between Catholics and Protestants, I would highly recommend you look for debates with James White (a Reformed Baptist). He has debated many Catholic Apologists, including Tim Staples (they should have the Purgatory debate in the shop), Mitch Pacwa, Robert Sungenis, and many others on a wide variety of topics.

Could you give me some examples of the misinformation about catholicism that he spreads?
I have an evangelical friend who reads his books.
She always asks if I am still going to the Catholic church.
I converted in 2008.
These protestant teachers really know how to package their interpretation of scripture and capture the minds of protestants.

Well there are many examples like Mary worship, confessing to a priest not scriptural, etc…I can easily defend the Catholic position on these type of main items you hear all the time from protestants but the main point some of his followers like to mention and defend him on is based on their belief, which he strongly pushes, is all Catholic doctrine is Satanic and does not correlate at all to scripture. We are adding to the bible which I know is nonsense but I would like a very brief /concise response to this claim as I find it hard to express without getting too wordy.

How does he come to the conclusion that Catholic doctrine is satanic?

Why exactly is Mr. MacArthur not a good source for information on Catholicism?

Maybe some evil influence is working through him to spew this hatred towards Catholicism…Ignorance breeds bigotry. As much as I don’t want to say this I will…Maybe it is all he knows since being brought into that type of teaching from a young age but I want to say he is a well educated man so it is hard to believe his eyes would be completely closed to history of the Church and historical facts.

Here is a quote…I am sure you can tell what religion he is referencing :

“There have always been and always will be false teachers, lying prophets, religious deceivers, and corrupt preachers who claim to represent God but actually represent Satan, who claim to bring the way of Heaven and actually paved the way to Hell, who claim to speak divine truth and actually speak satanic lies, doctrines of demons.” ~ John MacArthur, sermon, “Religion and its Victims.”

Again, I was mainly wanting to know if there were any debates between John MacArthur and any Catholic Apologist. I would really like his positions challenged and made public. He seems to be deceiving many that have no idea what the Catholic church really teaches which doesn’t help our cause of evangelizing.

Thank you for your reply. I have not read any of his work and I remember my friend had several volumes of his works. She went to a bible college and the nondenominational church she attends now is very pro-calvin. She gave me tapes of sermons her pastor did on T.U.L.I.P. I had never heard of that and just listened to a small portion of one tape and knew I didn’t believe it. She was always evangelizing when I wasn’t church affiliated. So when she asks if I am still a Catholic I can feel the condemnation in her voice.
I would also like to know if a Catholic apologist has debated him.
How does John MacArthur know he is the not the one preaching lies or false doctrine?

This vile sermon from this past January may help you.

You should know that the reason folks like MacArthur hate Catholicism is because they know full well that, if Catholicism is true, it fully undermines their self given authority.

MacArthur is the Pope of his flock and if there is a real authority that calls that into question it must be attacked and undermined so that he can build himself up.

Sadly, I often think that folks like him must know the truth, but twist and deceive to maintain the worldly power.

Romans 3:4 God is true and every man is a liar…

Mac Arthur has also declared ALL Pentecostals and Charismatic Protestants are going to hell. At least we arent alone in his targeting.

It appears he thinks his small flock and anyone else that agrees with him is saved and everyone else is damned.

When he feels he became divinely inspired I’m not sure.

No, MacArthur hasn’t done any debates with Catholics. His apologetics against Catholicism is just preaching to the choir. The only protestant who in modern times has attempted any rebuttal of Catholicism is James White, and he’s done many debates with Catholic apologists, actively tries to “evangelize” Catholics to his Calvinist, “reformed baptist” theology.

White plays up this schtick about having gone to Catholic sources like the documents of the Council of Trent to see the best of the other side but it’s clear he doesn’t want to fairly represent what the Church teaches about herself, but just stick to what Calvin said. So for instance he’ll insist that the mass is an attempt to re-sacrifice Christ, which is silly because that’s not what Trent said or what Catholics believe. But because that’s what Calvin taught, he has to stick with it.

The best debates with him for the Catholic side I’ve seen have been the ones he did with Robert Sungenis, so you might want to look those up on youtube. It makes sense since Sungenis used to be a Presbyterian and went to a Calvinist seminary, so he understand the errors of that theology. Here’s a 2 hour one they did on the mass:

Personally I don’t care for debates, although they’re not a bad way to get introduced to a topic. But I just think that the debaters egos get in the way and there isn’t the kind of dispassionate inquiry you can do via reading.

So I’d also really recommend looking at the blog posts and EWTN interviews of a former Calvinist who became Catholic, David Anders:

Just reading and listen to that MacArthur sermon. Lol just lol.

I always find it funny that these hardcore 5 point Calvinist Presbyterians keep on talking about “Rome” with such opprobrium for preaching a “false gospel”, and playing on the historical anti-Catholic sentiment in this country, when the second biggest group of Christians, the Orthodox, have the same beliefs about the Eucharist, the Blessed Virgin Mary, apostolic succession, confession, etc. Why don’t they start ranting about big bad “Constantinople” while they’re at it?

Because it’s just rhetoric. Just like that sermon quote from MacArthur someone posted.

If these Calvinists actually stuck with just “Bible alone” and what Bible “actually taught”, instead of the Augsberg/Westminster Confessions or whatever Luther or Calvin wrote ABOUT the Bible, why don’t they just direct people to their nearest bookstore to buy a Bible? But if that happened I’m confident that people would be going to their nearest Catholic parish for baptism, confession and the Eucharist, just like the earliest Christians, and the need for all these “ministries” and apologetics outfits would disappear.

Wow he really is anti-catholic! I guess my friend sees me as part of her mission field. Now I know why she always asks me if I am still attending the Catholic church. He really speaks a lot of hate. Who gives him the authority to say those things? Maybe he has a guilty conscious that he is not Catholic. I noticed he spoke a lot about Queen Mary, but he forgets that protestants were no angels!

Actually fairly easily done. :slight_smile:
It’s NOT in the Bible, okay?
It’s NOT in the Bible, okay? (Part II)
“If anyone teaches/preaches something that is not in scripture”

I listened to the first few minutes of that message and noticed that it was heavy on polemics and rhetoric and light on the scriptures that he claims refute Catholic teachings.

His attack on celibacy is unscriptural bunkum, just look at my blog article Priestly celibacy is unBiblical. NOT!

His alleged news sources about the Vatican have all been proved to be lies. How can someone who asserts himself to be a man of God and a pastor stoop to such public efforts at deception?

I feel pretty sure that one reason that he hasn’t debated any Catholic apologists is that he knows that they’ll publicly expose him for the deceiver that he is and what credibility he has will go right down the toilet which could adversely affect his “ministry’s” income. Lies never survive the light of truth. Am I the only one who noticed that he cites no sources in his message? Why? Because they either don’t exist or they are so easily discredited and refuted that he 'll be exposed and lose his platform and income.

Filthy lucre anyone?

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