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I’m going through the collected writings of John of the Cross, and so far, to my knowledge, he did not write down any of his interactions with Our Mother. I can’t help but wonder WHY??!? And what I find most interesting, is that he didn’t write about her assumption! That’s such a magnificent event!


St. John of the Cross is a saint from the 1500’s, not the Apostle. It can be confusing sometimes!



I had been searching online to help me respond to your question, and did finally find an essay written by a priest that was excellent! In it he responded to what, he says, is a common question about St. John of the Cross…“Why did he not write about our Blessed Mother?”

Sadly, I had forgotten to get the address for that site to give to you, and after I exited it in excitement to relay it to you I could no longer find it. I tried different search words to no avail.

I read through certain areas of that priest’s writing and he explained that John of the Cross is “all hers” and had a deep devotion to Our Blessed Mother. One of the bolded paragraph titles was “Mary in the Life of John of the Cross”, and another paragraph was “John’s Marian Doctrine”. In the latter section he goes more into the Marian spirituality of the Carmelite Order, in which John was deeply a part of.

The original name of the hermits on Mount Carmel was “Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel”. She was called “The Lady of the Place”, or “The Lady of the House.” St. John of the Cross lived his devotion to Mary, although he did not write much about it.

If I can, I will try and find that site again, or look into other materials I have that may help.


Dorothy…(Third Order Lay Carmelite).



I just found the above site and am sharing it with you.


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