John Oliver Exposes Dark Underbelly of Televangelism

Televangelism might not survive this.
Hilarious. But beware, bad language.

This has gone viral all over the web.
Proving you don’t need to poke fun at televangelists, just let them talk. They are parodies of themselves.

I think it may survive unfortunately.:frowning:
I am surprised even after all the scandals (way too many to name), each set of televangelists can still find a new set of loyal followers to tune in.

With Cable TV numbers declining they will be forced to go streaming. Streaming will vanquish them.

The prosperity “gospel” is the polar opposite of the Gospel.

Nothing new in this. Business as usual. Televangelists have been surviving for a long time.

Not necessarily a new set. After one has invested time and money in an enterprise, it is often difficult to leave it despite scandal. In fact, one may become even more impassioned following its leader.

I would have preferred another name for his “church”, but that was pretty funny. I wonder how many people tuned in late and sent them $77.00?

The saddest part…those individuals that die thinking sending their money to these people will somehow heal them. That should be criminal, not their tax exemption.

So , when is he making one about islamic or hindu preachers?

:confused: I’ve never seen an Islamic televangelist. And Hindu theology and religious practices doesn’t really allow for any sort of televangelism.

Glad John Oliver brought this up on his show. These greedy con artists are not Christians or Christ-like. The day they are put out of business will be a good day.

What has this have to do with the above story? Are we to ignore the criminal activities of scam artists just because they claim to be Christian?

I’ve seen both Islamic, Hindu, and Sikh televangelists are they are as bad or worse than the so-called Christian ones.

I have seen them before too. I think if one has satellite and subscribes to many channels you might be more exposed to them. They work along the same premise as Christian televangelists.

Along with Universalism and Liberation Theology, I count the Prosperity “Gospel” among the sickest and most disturbing of modern heresies. But it’s considerably more dangerous than the first two. Where Universalism was born from a genuine (yet misplaced) Christian care for others’ souls, and Liberation Theology out of a legitimate (yet confused) concern for those who are poor in things material (though not necessarily in spirit), the Prosperity “Gospel” was spawned entirely from human greed. Worst of all, its charlatans claim almost exclusively to be Christian – yet Christ is not preached. Sure, it loosely uses Christianity’s terminology, but that’s secondary to the worship of its god – the dollar. And who does it harm? The poor. The weak. Those in greatest need of charity.

I’d like to see caps on how much these “churches” can take in via media, but I don’t know how to create a legal “religious legitimacy” test without harming legitimate ecclesial institutions that actually care for their neighbor, and we certainly don’t want our temporal governments acting as the arbiter of free speech (and thought!).

The militant Left will cite these anti-Christian “churches” as Exhibit A in their bid to double-tax religious bodies. It’s inevitable. Christians, prepare for financial persecution; the Church is going to get smaller before our Savior returns.

Oh for crying out loud. I thought Tilton was long gone. I remember seeing that guy on the TV here in Dallas in the 80s and that monstrosity of a church he built that is no longer there. Guy was a nut job back then and he’s still a nut job.

All churches involve, to varying extents, plundering the wallets of the followers. People like Tilton are merely more blatant.

Right - just as all employers are exploiting their workers, and all government regulation is oppressive, and all corporations are evil… :rolleyes:

And don’t you forget it, you crypto-Nazi! :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

See my prediction three posts back. That was quick.

Now you’re talking!

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