John Paul II cleared for sainthhod


It is official…


It is also, given the on-going accusations of cover-up of the sex abuse scandal, hasty and unwise…
I would much prefer to see a cooling off period of at least half a century to pass…


Individuals are canonized, not pontificates…The second miracle needed for canonization was verified. Pope Francis responded to the cries of “*Santo subito!” *from the people. Beyond that, a canonization is an infallible act. :wink:


If he is already in heaven, which it appears that he is given the miracles attributed to him, then there is no reason to wait, he is in heaven and the Church is going to formally declare such.


I think it’s great that he’s going to be a saint and everything, but…I still don’t understand how the Vatican thinks John Paul is linked to her healing?
Lots of people go into remission or spontaneously get well with no explanation (and no prayer)…

…and even the doctor here doesn’t sound so sure about this.
I wonder and am wary about this because of what happened with nun Teresa’s “miracle”…where the doctor of the woman refuted it.

Why won’t they let this woman talk about it?
Will they ever? Do they wait until the entire process is over?

Not to take away from her healing…but…with the info they are giving here, it sounds like such a giant leap to say it’s a miracle linked to the former pope.

Will they give more information on this at some point or would this be all the information they will give??



I imagine that they will give more information at a later time, but I am not certain. Honestly, I do not think that it matters. The Church has declared it a miracle, but these are private revelations that can be held or not held by the faithful, at least that is my understanding.

The far more important point is that the Church is stating infallibly that St. John Paul the Great is in Heaven with Our Lord, that he led a life that was worthy in God’s eyes of being rewarded with Heaven, and therefore, he is a person that we should all look to as an example of how to live if we wish to reach Heaven.


If JP II is not in heaven the what chance do we have?? Surely the man was saint as confirmed by Pope Francis.


It is because the woman repeatedly sought JP2’s intercession. Not long after that, she was miraculously cured.


So…tho…if someone prayed to, like, their mother or father and then they had a remission from an illness…would that be considered a miracle and could they then be suggested or nominated for sainthood?

It can be anyone? As long as the healing happens?

Are the specific guidelines written somewhere in detail about how this happens, so that all can understand this process?



The process is as follows: When a person dies who has “fame of sanctity” or “fame of martyrdom,” the Bishop of the Diocese usually initiates the investigation. One element is whether any special favor or miracle has been granted through this candidate saint’s intercession. The Church will also investigate the candidate’s writings to see if they possess “purity of doctrine,” essentially, nothing heretical or against the faith. All of this information is gathered, and then a transumptum, a faithful copy, duly authenticated and sealed, is submitted to the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints.

Once the cause is accepted by the Congregation, further investigation is conducted. If the candidate was a martyr, the Congregation determines whether he died for the faith and truly offered his life in a sacrifice of love for Christ and the Church. In other cases, the congregation examines to see if the candidate was motivated by a profound charity towards his neighbor, and practiced the virtues in an exemplary manner and with heroism. Throughout this investigation the “general promoter of the faith,” or devil’s advocate, raises objections and doubts which must be resolved. Once a candidate is declared to have lived life with heroic virtue, he may be declared Venerable.

The next step is beatification. A martyr may be beatified and declared “Blessed” by virtue of martyrdom itself. Otherwise, the candidate must be credited with a miracle. In verifying the miracle, the Church looks at whether God truly performed a miracle and whether the miracle was in response to the intercession of the candidate saint. Once beatified, the candidate saint may be venerated but with restriction to a city, diocese, region, or religious family. Accordingly, the Pope would authorize a special prayer, Mass, or proper Divine Office honoring the Blessed.

After beatification, another miracle is needed for canonization and the formal declaration of sainthood.


Thanks for the info, Angel!

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