John Paul II International Film Festival

Why is it that i have to find out about this festival in a comic book shop out of all places?, i would love to see or hear commercials about this on ewtn and the radio stations.

1.) It’s a labor of love for any film festival organizers, even the JPII organizers. Except for maybe Sundance, there’s no such thing as a profitable film festival. It’s a labor of love. And deservedly so: Would you really want some bean-counters running the show?

2.) Looking at their web site, most of the featured titles are previously-released (and, in the case of the Family Bookstores-promoted “Faith Like Potatoes,” a little Protestant-oriented) or they’re already released: “Bella,” “Boy In The Striped Pajamas,” the unfortunately-named “Bandslam,” which I think’s one of the Best Films of 2009… so, even if the festival were run by bean counters, the only “selling point” they really have is the premiere of the anticipated “13th Day.”

I’d go if I lived in Florida. Let’s all pray for the festival’s success. :gopray2:

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