John Paul II’s mom chose life after her doctor advised an abortion. Report

“She had to choose between her own life and that of the baby she was carrying, but her deep faith did not allow Emilia to choose abortion."

“Deep in her heart she had to be ready to make this sacrifice for the baby she was carrying,”

The author of this report cites the testimony of a midwife, Tatarowa, and the reports of her two friends, Helena Szczepańska and Maria Kaczorowa, as well as the memories of other Wadowice residents.

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A hundred years ago Polish doctors were able to recommend abortion? That goes against everything I thought I knew about uber- Catholic Poland.

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Praise God she chose life.

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Well Poland hasn’t always been so ‘uber Catholic’ as you say. In fact, I’d argue it isn’t even as Catholic now as people give it credit for, although doing well in comparison to Western European countries for sure.

What it does have right now is a very Catholic government in charge, that fully supports Catholic teaching and isn’t bending to the pressure of, for example, the mass pro LGBT attacks it has faced, not only from liberal media in the country, but also from abroad.

So anyway, it doesn’t surprise me that there would have been a doctor who recommended an abortion back then, particularly if the mother’s life was at risk, a reason that now, despite the country’s current strict abortion laws, is considered a valid one for an abortion in Poland.


Also, abortion is often used to mean indirect abortion, which can be legitimate to save the mothers life.

First time I heard that! Thanks you! I hope it is not an hoax.

Unless you speak to a medication that make a woman a miscarriage because you want to treat other illness in her, or for a ectopic pregnancy, an abortion is always a direct abortion.

It can be legitimate in medical mean to save the mother (it can be debate as a moral way what life we shoud save, the mother or the child if she can carry the child until well after viability). But the catholic view is that it is not legitimate to kill a child in the woomb in order to save her mother’s life.

Abortion to “save” the life of the mother is not something new. it exists since a long time ago. The only difference is that it may be legal or illegal, depend on the country. I don’t know if or what the Poland had at this time as a regulation on this topic.

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According to the article, it was a life-threatening pregnancy.

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