John Paul II Sings Dynamite By Tao Cruz

Hey everyone! Happy All Saints Day!

The Vatican has been calling for the laity to use the media and technology for the New Evangelization for decades. On the whole, we haven’t been overly successful at this. I have taken it upon myself to do my small part and reach the masses through the new media. This video I made contains the truth of the Gospel message preached by the greatest saint of modern times, in a fun, relatable medium. Let me know what you think of it:

If you believe that the Church has a relevant message which needs to be communicated in relevant ways, I challenge you to share this video with your friends.

Pax Caritas et lol,

Check settings. Seems to be unplayable because it’s private.

Wooops sorry! Fixed now. :slight_smile:

That is so cool!!

Wow, that truly is something else. Imagine that! :thumbsup:

I just added a new song to my favorites list.

You definetly have to do one with Pappa Benedict XVI!!!

Hahaha that’s awesome! Keep up the good work!

Thanks guys! I really want to do one with Benedict, but it’s a lot of work. This one took me 4 months to make.

The Jungleheart logo animation is a nice touch.

Great job!

            I liked it, might work.  :thumbsup:

Thanks guys! I didn’t do the JungleHeart animation myself, just the audio, but I am really happy with it as well. :slight_smile:

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