John Paul ll and vocations

I read with interest this post from EWTN’s Judie Brown. I heard Raymond Arroryo talk of Cardinal Richard Neuhaus and his views before. The poster is asking why so many youth loved the Pope, thousands came (I have some youtube youth days bookmarked because it makes me joyful watching,) some say they went into the seminary because of him, but not all stayed.

This was a followup:

I know he inspired me back to the church when he died, I think tons of grace pored from that, but I also know it wasn’t that alone, EWTN, Mother Angelica’s nagging, etc. all were part of it, he just sealed it. So maybe they are right, alone it is hard, but the feeling those youth had at those gatherings or even his funeral, had to be fed or would just become a faded, but nice memory.

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