John Podesta urges Clinton camp to ‘dump’ emails in latest WikiLeaks release

A new round of WikiLeaks documents released Tuesday reveal a March 2015 exchange between Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and confidant Cheryl Mills on the need to “dump” emails.

Twitter’s trending news feed was dominated by #PodestaEmails25 after a new batch of stolen documents belonging to John Podesta were posted online. A March 2, 2015, discussion between Mrs. Clinton’s top advisers shows Mr. Podesta expressing a desire to “dump all those emails.”

“On another matter and not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner than later,” Mr. Podesta said after hearing about a new hire.

Mr. Podesta’s reference to “Lanny” was a reference to Lanny Davis, a well-known lawyer who served as former President Bill Clinton’s special counsel.

“Think you just got your new nick name,” Mrs. Mills replied to Mr. Podesta the following day.

I can hear the arguments from the forum dems now:

“It wasn’t Hillary saying to dump them.”

“We are not talking about Bill Clinton, what happened in his administration doesn’t matter.”

“Do you think Bush never did that?”


I think the oddest argument I’ve heard was one put out by some Dems trying to spin this as Podesta wasn’t referencing “dumping” the emails as in destroying or deleting. What he really meant (and Dems love to interpret for us what people really mean) was they should be dumped by the Clinton campaign into the media. After all, they have nothing to hide. It’s not like there was anything controversial or potentially damaging in the correspondence. :rolleyes:

Oh my gosh, what a spin.

Right, dump all of the stupid, immoral, illegal things they contain out into the public media.

But you are right Denise, they will try it.

:thumbsup: they have excuses for everything!
they have enabled Hillary to be the corrupt candidate she is today.

Are all these email dumps making any sort of difference in Clinton’s polling? I have my doubts.

One of my liberal Facebook friends posted a meme saying “Tell me about the Clinton emails again” with a picture of a bunch of people sitting at desks while falling asleep. I think a lot of people just don’t understand what the big deal is about the emails. They are probably thinking, “I delete my own emails all the time, what’s the big deal?” And the bits that show up in the news aren’t easy to understand for the casual observer. Not as easy, certainly, as the recording of Trump.


that is the picture they want to convey. nothing to see here folks!
move along!
complete denial of any Hillary wrong doing. the democrat voters could care less.

Which n and of itself is a very telling and sad indictment re HC supporters by and large!:frowning:

They are also conveying that following laws is not that big a deal.

If all the HRC supporters are ok with her breaking laws relating to classified emails, then surely breaking other laws is acceptable too. I guess thats why all the FOPs are behind trump.

Sounds like Mrs. Clinton needs to dump Podesta ASAP.

Her campaign knew Weiner was sexting with underage girls before it became an issue for the legal system, and said nothing. Doing that destroyed the reputation of Joe Paterno, for less good reasons in Joe’s defense.

You think they are going to doing anything to Podesta?

Getting worse and worse and worse for Hillary Clinton.

There is a U.S. Navy sailor IN PRISON right now for a relatively trivial case of mishandling classified information.

Hillary apparently was ACTIVELY soliciting “donations” from “hostile” foreign countries to her Clinton Foundation WHILE SHE WAS IN OFFICE.

And that the Houma / Weiner laptop shows it all … including classified information … all to avoid Freedom Of Information records.

Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, is now, today, trying to shut down the FBI.

The name of the U.S. Navy sailor is Saucier.

Many articles about this case:

Meanwhile,HC is put on the campaign trail railing about DT being a mysogenist.How,as s a woman she is personally offended by him.The hypocrisy is stunning!:rolleyes:

That excuse was proven false when Clinton used Bleachbit on those emails a few days after that email was received…

Saucier’s mom has been on television trying to get justice,

He is now serving time in prison.

Someone is deplorable and it isn’t Trump supporters that is for sure:(

Bleachbit? What, like Clorox? :smiley:

For typocal citizens I think the violations are something that are intangible to a lot of people. If you had a person that had not heard any of the news stories and told them “Hilary Clinton had an email server at home that she used for work” I don’t think it would have raised any eye brows to a typical citizen.

In general while people use email I think there is very little understanding of how it works. The difference between destructive and non-destructive deletes are not general knowledge. A person would have to be informed it’s against a regulation and told what risks could come from it. Even in the lack of understanding about how emails and servers if there were a tangible consequence that did occur (instead of hypothetical situations that could have occurred or beliefs on things that *possibly * have happened opinions might be less sit.

That’s the metaphor! It’s one of many destructive delete utilities. now has a picture of Clinton on their product image.

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