John Stossel video "The Case Against Socialsm"

How does the Stossel video compare with the John Corapi video about the same basic subject? Which gentleman makes the better case against socialism? Let’s be charitable now.

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I prefer Prager U:


These young people are being taught that Socialism is great, that we need to replace Capitalism with it. When they point to Scandinavia like my friend did the other day then I question weather or not they even know what Socialism is.
The biggest difference is that the government owns everything (all the big money industries at least)

This is older but also as good as the previously shared. I listened to all three and each has a a slightly different approach with the same important message.

Well, there is socialism, communism and democratic socialism. I think that all three differ but I am not a political scientist. All I know is that the antitrust laws, unemployment insurance, social security and other social welfare laws are socialistic efforts. Our country now has been described as a capitalistic society with many earmarks of democratic socialism.

Socialism is not government ownership of industries – that is communism. Government ownership of all property is totalitarianism like in Cuba and the old Soviet Union.

Actually, you have that backwards.

Socialism is government control of the economy. Communism is the end result of socialism when the government is no longer necessary because the people directly control all aspects of the economy and the State (government) is no longer necessary.

This was Marx’s own view. Communism is stateless. Socialism is the means to get there by controlling the economy for the good of all the people.

Communism is the strictly theoretical system imagined by Karl Marx in which all of society, all of economics and all politics are combined into one, perfect, classless, automatic, government-less system based on common ownership of all economic means of production, and social sameness. To achieve this utopian dream, Karl Marx and Frederich Engels wrote the “Communist Manifesto” to inspire violent revolution everywhere.

Marxist theory requires this process to involve revolutionary overthrow of the Bourgeoisie , followed by a preparatory stage of Socialism alternatively called “The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat.” Pure Communism, the end goal of Marxist Socialism, would be the theoretical state of “statelessness” in which an un-governed, classless society lives in perfect order, and all history has stopped.

I prefer Karl Marx’s case against capitalism.

Great one, hadn’t seen it before. It uses a very effective example to expose the fundamental flaw of socialism

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