John Stott has died

I haven’t read any of his works, but I’ve heard that they are very good. Does anyone have an opiion that’s read some of them?

I have read very little of his, but I know that he has been an inspiration to many other writers…May he rest in peace.

For those unfamiliar with his name (such as myself) here is some information from the BBC article:

The Rev John Stott, who helped lead a resurgence of evangelicalism in Britain, has died at the age of 90.

Dr Stott’s wide-ranging influence came partly from more than 50 books which helped to explain complex theology in a way lay people could easily understand.

His writing have been particularly important in promoting Evangelical Christianity in the developing world.

Here is a little more information about this man who was compared to Billy Graham:

Mr. Stott was dedicated to helping the poor in developing countries, what he termed the Majority World. Using royalties from his books, he set up trusts to help gifted students from the developing world earn doctorates abroad and then return to their native countries to teach in theological seminaries.

For all his fame on several continents, Mr. Stott’s travels and appearances were remarkably devoid of pomp, befitting his simple message of reason and faith and his unassuming demeanor. Those in his ministries knew him simply as Uncle John. In his later years, he lived in a two-room apartment over the garage of a London rectory, and for many years he kept a small cottage on the Welsh coast, where he did much of his prodigious writing in longhand and, until 2001, without electricity.

He sounds like a wonderful soul.

Can anyone recommend their favourite of his books?

Basic Christianity

If hes the author im thinking of, a Catholic would have to be careful. im pretty sure he denies the perpetual virginity of Mary, by stating that the (Holy Family) household would have become more lively as further children arrived. Thered be other non-Catholic beliefs.

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