John the Baptist and Mary


Before I begin, I want to make clear this is not an attack of any kind, just a question on a peculiarity i noticed and wanted input.

It seems to me that many protestants look extremely highly of John the Baptist (rightly so), despite the fact that his total ‘time’ mentioned in scripture is very limited. Most recognize him as a great example of some to emulate. Chruches are named after him, countless bible studies can be found on John the Baptist. Entire books written, and more sermons on him than almost any other biblical figure save Jesus. Some even go so far as to say their Church can be directly connected to John the Baptist.

In other words, he is in general given the highest level of honor and praise allowable by the various protestant theologies.

That being said…

If protestants can give such high honor to John, why is the Catholic Church ridiculed by protestants for giving a similar level of Honor to Mary. The only difference between Protestant honoring of John, and Catholic honoring of Mary is that we also believe she can pray with us to God.

Protestants in general provide the highest honor possible to a Human without worshiping John
Catholics provide the highest honor to Mary without Worshiping

There are countless studies on John and his importance in Protestant Circles,
There are countless studies of Mary and her importance in Catholic Circles.

John is considered the greatest of all men ever lived save Christ(scriptural)
Mary is considered the greatest women that ever lived (scriptural)
John and Mary have about equal time in scripture

John is Honored because he is the one 'to come before’
Mary is honored for being the Mother.

Before anyone says “but catholic go farther than just honoring” remember, Any Catholic that goes beyond just giving her what is mentioned, they are in sin. Anyone in the Catholic Church or otherwise that Worships Mary as a Deity is a Heretic per the Catholic Church

Anyway, just something I noticed with a simple question…

Why are Protestants allowed to provide such honor to John the Baptist, but Catholics are not allowed to provide ANY honor to Mary

In Christ


And I have observed that the same can be said of protestants view of St. Paul vs. St. Peter.


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