Johnette Benkovic Remarried

Wow, I’m clearly out of the loop! Hadn’t listened to “Women of Grace” in a couple of months, turned it on a few days ago, and surprise: Johnette has remarried. Am I the last to know?

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She had her then fiancée on the show. I think they married 3 weeks after that episode aired. Neither was looking for love again. But the Lord obviously had other plans.

I’m thrilled for them both.

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Possibly! I’m on her mailing list and was very pleased to be able to offer a rosary for her marriage a little while back.


I saw Doug Keck refer to Johnette by her new married name when they hosted EWTN’s coverage of the World Meeting of Families in Ireland. That was the first I’d heard of her marriage, but I don’t watch Women of Grace.


she married ewtn’s jack williams

God bless them both


I don’t know who Jack Williams is? A show host?

The first line of the link you posted… :yum:

“On Friday, May 25, Women of Grace founder Johnnette Benkovic and the General Manager of EWTN Radio Jack Williams, were united…”


Ah-ha! First day of school here – my brain is fried. :slight_smile:

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Teresa Tomeo posted all of the wedding pictures online. Beautiful wedding.


he is the “host” or “gatekeeper” on ewtn’s M-T mid-day radio shows

seems like a nice enough guy…

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I have read about hi on Fb awhile back, really good news and happy for them. I receive the Women of Grace emails.

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