Johnette's dying husband

I turned on my radio today to listen to EWTN radio “Women of Grace” and was told Johnette and Father Ed were not hosting the show today because her husband was dying. Prayers were requested from all EWTN radio fans. Her husband has been quite sick with a brain tumor but this was the first time it was mentioned that he was dying. Johnette loves the Hail Mary so I suggest a Hail Mary for her dying husband.

Prayers going up for Johnette’s husband :crossrc:

I had recently heard that Johnette’s Husband 's health had seriously declined. I believe his name is Anthony. Johnette has been through so much in recent years with the death of their son and now her husband dying. I will pray for them both.

It appears that he has passed away.

sad. May God grant him peace and peace to the family.

I’m really sorry to hear that. I pray that the Blessed Mother continues to comfort Johnette, & that her son & husband are reuinted in Heaven.

Praying for her husband’s soul to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Rest in Peace!
I saw him on her show fairly recently, seemed like a good Guy.
Prayers for their family!

I know the theology, the theories, the why bad things happen stuff…but I’m gonna say it anyway. From my outside imperfect which I acknowledge perspective… the last few years have been one helluva way for a “good” God to treat one of his DEVOTED daughters.

I said it and aint sorry for it. :mad:

I’m sure this doesn’t help the grieving family one bit.

Thats how I feel.

Didnt stop me from praying for her nor do I thnk she should stop believing - but I think she has every right to be angry at God and tell him of it if she has. If God doesnt like it than JOB shouldnt be in the bible as proof we get sick of his ways sometimes.

As St. Teresa of Avila said:

“O Lord, if this is how you treat your friends, it’s no wonder you have so few.”

Death is always difficult, but remember, we are the Easter people. Death is just a transition to the hope of eternal life! :slight_smile:

God’s devoted daughter will be sanctified by all this. :slight_smile:

Prayers going up for her comfort and the repose of his soul.:crossrc:

She has been a beautiful witness through so much heart ache. Prayers for all of them.

Yes, she has. I don’t know how she handled all of this, with the death of her son, and now her husband. Let’s all keep her in her prayers.

Didnt stop me from praying for her nor do I thnk she should stop believing - but I think she has every right to be angry at God and tell him of it if she has.

Yes, isn’t this an all too-human reaction? So hard to understand the purpose of suffering; suffering that seems especially great in those doing His work. A paradox really, that an all-powerful God could allow suffering; that Jesus, who had the ability to vaporize his captors and tormenters and executioners with the blink of his eye, freely chose to accept an unbearable amount of pain and die instead. The longer I live, the more I believe that the key to understanding life is understanding Jesus, I learned this by reading Fr. Benedict G. I can’t claim to have a great grasp on it, but I accept it as true.

My prayers are with Johnette and her family. I had the opportunity to meet her briefly in Fargo last year, and she was most gracious. May she make it through this difficult time.

I can’t believe the pain she must be in…a few years ago, totally unexpectedly losing her son…now, just a few weeks ago–losing her husband. They seemed to truly love one another–the way Christ loves us. I pray for her and her family, that they will draw upon God for love, strength, peace, and comfort during this difficult time. She’s a remarkable woman…

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