John's Gospel: Jesus is Prophet, King, Judge, High Priest

Could this be correct: John says Jesus is King, High Priest, Judge, Prophet?

Might some person have the passages?


Jesus’ baptism is not like ours: His was a Royal Anointing since He had no sins to be cleansed. John sets the stage by establishing that Jesus is King.
He is Priest eternal by offering Himself as The Sacrifice in John 6.
And perhaps, John, more than any Gospel writer, makes it clear that Christ is prophet. He refers over and over again to all of the signs that Jesus revealed. He does this constantly in chapters 1-8.

(I don’t have my Bible open or I could give more precise verses. But all 4 Gospel accounts point to Christ holding all 3 titles). Is this a concept you are having difficulty wrapping your head around? I will admit that I have never struggled with Christ as King or with Christ as Priest Eternal, but that Christ as Prophet has given me pause in the past…for some reason I used to take that as somehow diminishing Christ to just a man…but take note that John begins his account by making it clear that Jesus IS The Word. And what do prophets do? They use words…so it makes better sense to me now to see Christ as Prophet too…

Don’t know if that helps

Peace in Christ

Hi Jim.

I do not have a Bible open but in John 6 upon the loaves and fishes the people saw Jesus’ Kingship. Unfortunately they reduced it down to a puny earthly kingship (they tried to make Jesus King by force).

The people also exclaimed that Jesus was THE Prophet.

The expected Messiah is Priest, Prophet, and King.

The High Priestly aspect taught in St. John’s Gospel is implicitly taught.

Caiaphas tore his high Priestly robe during Jesus trial (very much against Mosaic Law) and Jesus is described as wearing a seamless linen garment before He offers Himself as victim on the cross.

Incidentally. The sacrificial lambs for Passover were presented and carried on two stakes that was . . . cross shaped.

Jesus The Messiah. Priest, Prophet, and King.

Hope this helps.

God bless.


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