Johns Hopkins Med Student Kills Thief With Samurai Sword

NBC Washington:

Johns Hopkins Med Student Kills Thief With Samurai Sword

It wasn’t the first time burglars had hit the student’s home. On Monday, thieves took two laptops and a Sony PlayStation from the house, according to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

                                                                                                                                But it might be the last.
                                                                                                                                According to Guglielmi, campus police and an off-duty city officer, responding to a call for a suspicious person in the 300 block of E. University Parkway, heard shouts and screams from a neighboring house. That's when they found the suspected burglar.

During a subsequent interview with the police, the student said that he heard a commotion in the house and went downstairs with the samurai sword. The student said he told the man to leave, but the suspected burglar lunged at him instead. That’s when, according to Guglielmi, the student defended himself, cutting off the man’s hand and causing a severe laceration to the man’s upper body.

Prosecutors haven’t decided yet whether to charge the student with a crime. :mad:

My question: might the thief still be alive if the student had had a gun? In his place I don’t think I’d lunge at somebody holding a gun on me, but confronted by a kid with a sword my reaction would probably be, “Ooh, scary, ninja-boy.”

Isn’t that how Muslims punish a thief? Take off the hand?

what has that got to do with anything?

It’s a very bad idea to lunge at someone holding either a gun or sword. Even in untrained hands, the sword is as deadly a weapon today as it was five hundred years ago. A sharp one can kill on impact with a well placed hit. Even a dull one can be extremely deadly due to weight (not too sure how could a dull katana would be, though. How heavy are they?). The guy should have stayed still.
Do you think the student should/will be charged for this? Sounds like self defence to me, but who knows…

Here on NY they would have slapped the cuffs on him at the scene.
Out west or in the south he’d have no problem. I’m not sure where Maryland falls as far as gun laws and rights to self-defense.

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