Johnson: Every member of Wisc. legislature received death threats

From the Daily Caller:
Sen. Ron Johnson said Thursday that every member of the state legislature in Wisconsin received an email that said “we’re going to put a bullet in your head. We know where you and your family live.”

Johnson, speaking in Washington, D.C. at America’s Future Foundation’s annual gala, said that at the height of Gov. Scott Walker’s fight against the unions, every member of the state legislature was threatened.

“The story really wasn’t told properly — we had every member of the state legislature get an email that said, ‘We’re going to put a bullet in your head. We know where you and your family lives.’ Now, that wasn’t reported very well because I guess that’s not newsworthy when it’s a union thug making a threat against a conservative.”

Video at link.

So the point is all union leaders are evil, and by extension, union supporters and members, liberal Democrats, and secular humanists and atheists for good measure. Yes, it is newsworthy, but we’re talking about one lunatic.

If only it were only one. These tactics seem to grow rampant in unions. If you can’t get what you want, take it anyway.

Catholic teaching does not agree with unions getting too close to political parties:

Though unions ought to have a social role and a political voice, they are not “political parties,” ought to avoid the quest for political power, ought not to be “too closely linked” to political parties, and at the same time ought not to be forced to submit to the “decisions of political parties.” They ought to be independent from the political process, and never “become an instrument for other purposes.” Their role is to make the political arena “sensitive to labor problems,” and–in a manner independent of partisan spirit–help the political process include the rights of workers as part of the political mix. (Compendium, No. 307)

If unions become instruments of political parties, or if political parties become instruments of unions, there will necessarily be imbalance. Unions in such cases “easily lose contact with their specific role, which is to secure the just rights of workers within the framework of the common good of the whole of society.” (Compendium, No. 307)

This recall is going to be the Democrats and the Unions worse nightmare.

Yeah, but that goes against the truth many Catholics have that Unions are the Sacramental Presence of God in the Work Place. To say anything against unions is to violate Church teaching.

Think I’m kidding? Wait for it.

PS Pubic unions should be banned.

Where is the evidence this is connected with unions or even related to the union thing? Every member of legislature recieved this, including the democrats. It could have just as easily been just some lone whacko like Jared Loughner.

That seems to be the point. I wonder why Mr. Walker considered bringing in thugs to the protests because the protesters were too polite?

Does the state legislature have only conservative members? Since EVERY member was threatened, that’s the only way this could be about them being conservatives. Most states seem to have a mix in the state legislature.

And I couldn’t find anything in the article showing that an investigation showed the threats came from “a union thug.” Could someone post a link to that, please?

Thanks for bringing up a couple of good points.

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