Join a small facebook discussion group?

I need some help. I’m an atheist convert to Catholicism of about 3 years now. I have very few Catholic friends. On Facebook there’s been a lot of anti-Catholic comments with all the political stuff going on and I’ve gotten into a few disagreements.
A friend of mine and a person I don’t know started a FB discussion group so that we have an appropriate place to debate rather than on others posts as a matter of respect.
They each wanted to invite a couple friends of theirs but agreed to keep it very small but I’m still a little concerned being outnumbered. It’d be nice if I could find a couple knowledgeable Catholic buddies to join the group. The opposing arguments will be from a “spirituality is good, religion is evil” perspective.
Anyone want to join?
Any advice?

ill join, im learning but I can defend most of my faith off hand, and with the internet at my finger tips defend nearly all questions

Count me in as well. What is the link so I can join it? Also I’d like to mention a wonderful growing Apostolate on facebook right now called “Ask a Catholic Priest” or “Ask A Roman Catholic Priest” (can’t remember which off hand). If we are confronted by something we can’t answer we can post there and have a concise and thorough answer within a day or so.

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