Join me in praising God for this!


It’s a little difficult to type right now, as my hands are shaking so much, but I have to share this.

Some of you may recall a message I posted here a few months back. I wanted help in advising and supporting my fourteen year old friend who I met and have talked with online who was dealing with multiple self destructive behaviors, such as eating disorders and self mutilation. She was seeing a counselor but wasn’t getting much better…

…as, unbenownst to anyone but me and a few other members of an anonymous message board, she was living with a physically and sexually abusive father.

For months and months I have tried to support her. Listened to her talk about the stories she would make up exlpain the bruises on her arms, and of how she was scared she was going to get pregnant because her father made her “do it all.”

For months and months I have encouraged her to end the secrecy, to let someone know what was happening. As her problems were not going to get better until she could be somewhere safe. I have tried to get Child Protection Services to intervene, but been turned away because I didn’t have enough information (as I have only ever known her online).

For months and months I have listened to her talk about how much she wanted to tell, of the failed attempts to tell her counselor, of how she was scared to live in a foster home and be parted from her friends at school, how she felt like it was “her fault anyway” for letting him do it.

For months and months I have begged God on my knees, saying to him “Lord, if You grant me one wish in this life, give this child the strength to save herself from this man.”

For the last several weeks, I had messaged her a few times, but was getting a little worried because I hadn’t been hearing from her…

And this evening, just as I was getting out of the shower, I recieved this message from her…

“I’m in foster home.
I finally told.
I’m getting better.
Thank you so much for being here for me.”

Praise You Lord Jesus.


We praise you Lord Jesus. This gives hope to my heart. :heart: :heart: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :heart: :heart: Thank you Lord! Thank you Mary! May God bless you!


Brings tears to my eyes…I pray she can turn away the evil and stay strong, my prayers are for you apromisemade!


This is awesome. May God flood upon you more blessings than you can never know to ask for, for helping this child and for continuing to love and pray even when nothing seemde to be happening

Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, we thank You.

And please protect and save any other child who is in such danger
and please reveal and stop any preditor, like the child’s father.


A Promise Kept: “Ask and you will receive.” Thank you, Jesus. And please bless this wounded daughter of Yours.


Awesome news. Praise God!


Poor kid. It breaks your heart to hear such stories. Thank God she ha a friend like you to help her. You are Christ to her. God bless you.:slight_smile:


Deo Gratias, Laudamus Te! And yet people still doubt the power of prayer!


apromisemade, Thank you for your love to this poor girl.
Thank God for helping this girl out of the terrible situation.
She still needs lot of prayers and support. Such story breaks my heart.
But thank God for loving people like you.

God bless!


Praise God! And praise Him for making you His Hands and Heart while she was going through this tough time.


this story breaks my heart :frowning: but praise God for answering the prayers!!! thank you for not giving up and praying for her. God bless you :slight_smile:


Dear apromisemade,

Praise be to God for answering your prayers and doing for this girl what needed to be done despite the failure of authorities to respond.

What kills me is if this girl had been making terroristic threats on the internet, the authorities would have fallen all over themselves to find her. :mad:

Your story reminds me that we should never feel helpless since God is in control.


a p r o m i s e m a d e. :heart:
p r a i s e J e s u s! :slight_smile: :heart: :slight_smile: i remember when you first posted your request for help when it came to this broken girl, and i remember how my heart ached for her and for you. unfortunately, i have many online friends who struggle with similar pain, and i know the intense feeling of helplessness that can become almost routine when attempting to help someone who is suffering so deeply. i remember that i wanted to respond to your post, especially because of my own past experiences with self-destruction, suicide, starving and cutting, but never got the chance, but was constantly keeping you and this girl in my thoughts. my heart just aches to know that there is so much suffering and pain in this broken world, and this girl’s story shattered me completely. what darkness she must have known, and what pain she must have been through … my past is nothing compared to hers. what i find amazing is the fact that you kept praying, kept persevering, kept supporting her even through her darkness, even when there seemed to be no hope. this incredible story of hope is not only a testament to the power of prayer and the hope of healing, but also to your astounding courage, strength, bravery, determination and perseverence that most likely saved a broken life. because of all that you have done, this girl is safe and will know hope and healing at last—i only wish that my attempts to support my online friends were nearly as faithful and effective. this is such an incredible story, and i am so glad beyond words to hear that this girl is now safe and will be getting better. praise Jesus! and you deserve so much recognition for all that you have done for this girl, especially with so much faithfulness. i will definitely continue to keep you and this girl in my constant thoughts and prayers. if you keep in contact with her, please keep us updated as to how she is doing. thank you so much for sharing this—it gives me hope and encouragement in praying for and supporting my own friends who are suffering. God bless you both! :slight_smile: :heart: :slight_smile:

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison :heart:


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