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Hello everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that this Saturday evening, after liturgy, I made a profession of faith before my local Byzantine Catholic priest (Ukrainian Greek Catholic) and was received into communion with Rome. I had previously been baptized and chrismated into the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese a couple years ago.

The reason I made this decision to join Eastern Catholicism is because I believe I will be able to build a bridge for ecumenical Christian unity between the east and west. While I have no high hopes of this happening on a large scale, I am hoping I can make an impact locally and show my fellow Catholics and other western Christians the rich heritage, liturgy, and theology of the east, as well as praying for unity between the east and west. I do see myself as both Catholic and an Orthodox Christian in communion with Rome (got that from a blog on Patheos).

It was a gut wrenching decision to make to leave Greek Orthodoxy, but being a convert who was ecumenical and more theologically moderate (I hewed closely to Schmemann and Meyendorff), I shuddered at some of the more fundamentalist parts of Orthodoxy (ROCOR, Athonites, and the Greek Old Calendarists) and thought hopefully I would feel more at home in Byzantine Catholicism where my ecumenism would be more welcomed. I feel like I can be a more effective bridge builder now and accept the necessary role of Rome and the Papacy while staying true/returning to our Eastern patrimony.

I was right! I found a wonderful Ukrainian Greek Catholic parish, and a very kind spiritual father there. I am hoping to be more active on here now that I am finally in the Church. Thank you, God bless.


Slava Isusu Christu!

I’m Ukrainian Greek Catholic too! Which Eparchy are you in? I’m in the Archeparchy of Philadelphia.


I’m in the Archeparchy of Philadelphia too, although Father said I was going to be marked in the parish records as being part of the Greek Byzantine Catholic Church, which from what I understand is very small and only exists in Greece and Turkey, but I don’t think this matters much at the moment unless I wanted to go to seminary or get married. Thanks for the welcome!


Awesome!!! This Latin Catholic welcomes you to the Church!!!


Thanks for the welcome Entwhistler.


I wish I could meet you in person. If we get a new Metropolitan, maybe we’ll meet at the Cathedral in Philadelphia (God willing).


Thank you Margaret_Ann. God willing we might. God bless. Thank you for the welcome again.


It would be very nice to have a bridge between the East and West. I always wanted the Church to be while and complete.




The Eastern Catholic Churches ARE the bridge between East and West. I’ve attended Byzantine and Maronite Catholic churches as well as my own Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. In the past, I also attended the NO and TLM (SSPX). In fact, the SSPX priests I’ve known are far better informed about the Eastern Catholic Churches than the regular RC clergy.


Hi SeriousQuestion, DeniseNY, thanks for the welcome. I do think a bridge between the east and west is very important to have.


Glory Be to Jesus Christ! Now and Forever! God bless you! :smiley:


Wonderful. Please say a prayer for me.


Welcome , @mitex , into full communion with the Catholic Church .


Glory to God!

Welcome brother.

I am an ex-Eastern Orthodox as well! (but I didn’t remain in the Byzantine Rite)



You will be a wonderful witness of living out the Orthodox faith in Communion with Rome!



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