Joining a non-denominational Christian group?


Hello all! This is my first post on Sorry if it’s not posted in the correct category. I’m a practicing Catholic and also a triathlete. I was interested in joining a multisport ministry aimed at forming a community of triathletes among Christian men. Is this something that is okay to do as a Catholic (ie, joining a non-denominational Christian group)?


IMO, it’s ok for you to join a non-denom. group. Just be prepared for the occasional person who will look strange when you say you’re Catholic. Most non-denom. Christians I know are just very kind and accepting people, though.


If you are well grounded in apologetics, if you know why you believe what you believe and can prove it from scripture to those who WILL challange everything you believe, then, it would not be harmful to attend. You could not participate in any of their communion or baptisms, etc.


Is the group non-denominational in that it is associated with a particular church that calls itself non-denominational? Or is it inter-denominational, in that it includes members of many different denominations. If it’s the first, I say run very fast because there is no such thing as a non-denominational church they all have roots and affiliations, some just have a hard time admitting that or think they are reinventing the wheel. You will most likely be a target for them to convert. If it is inter-denominational and there are clear lines drawn out for respecting one another, I say go for it. It is always nice to fellowship with other Christian men, but in my experience things can get hostile really quickly when they try and “show you the truth.”


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