Joining a travelling club sport, but I have a question

I’m planning on joining a club sport at University of Denver (the school I’ve just transferred into for sophomore year!!) and all of them travel, and mostly on weekends.

How do I reconcile this with my faith?
Would choosing to be on a team that travels and/or competes on possible Sundays be putting myself as a god before God on His Day?

I’ve had to opt out of a lot of clubs for this same reason.

SK, if you know your playing schedule well enough ahead of time, you could “map” your Mass attendance for either Saturday evening or Sunday via which will tell you the parishes in the areas where you’ll be.

Playing a sport or participating in a club on a Sunday is not sinful and does not spoil your sabbath rest. These things increase the joy of Sunday, and as long as you make it to Mass, you’re just fine. The only problematic thing would be if you joined something that prevented you from attending Mass.

Have some fun. It will keep your mind off your other struggles.


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