Joining new communities?


I am a woman currently discerning religious life and and am drawn to traditional active/contemplative communities. However it seems that the ones that I feel most drawn to are newly emerging communities with very few members. What are your thoughts/advice for those who are considering joining these new communities?

Here is a link to some of the newest communities all of which seem wonderful


I would say, these are the ones drawing all of the new vocations, the TLM/Latin Novus Ordo, habits, and Gregorian chant attract lots of vocations, you wouldn't be alone on this! Go pay them a visit and see for yourself! :thumbsup:


My director advised me that one advantage of joining a new community is that everyone's enthusiastic about the new mission, and as a founding member you might have some imput into how the community develops. One disadvantage is that they're still figuring out the best way to do things, so there may be false starts, plans that don't pan out, etc. Also a new community often needs to raise a lot of money for buildings and such.

Hey, I'm joining the first of the women's communities on your list! :)


Are you really considering them?


I’ve got my one-way ticket to fly out and join them in two months! Why, are you interested in them?

Oh, another warning someone gave me about new communities is that “It is very difficult for new orders to have a regulated type of life, they do not have the experience.”


:bounce:Wow that's wonderful!!! They look like a beautiful community but seems like they are strictly contemplative. Did I read that correctly? Which location are you visiting? I know that a new community could be a challenge. If called to one of those communities, one has to place total trust in God that things will work out. Well, all older communities started with one person who gradually gained faithful members such as with St. Francis and Mother Teresa. Also it seems the new communities are springing up in order to combat the radically liberal ones and therefore are totally faithful to the Holy Father. One of the communities I am looking at was founded by sisters that have already made final vows in their previous communities. I will certainly pray for you during this time of discernment.



And I am joining the last community on that list. :)



That’s great JoyfulSeeker-- congratulations!

miniquedoes, because they’re so new the Adorers of the Royal Heart are only in one location right now; their motherhouse near Florence in Italy. Eventually they plan to send sisters out to the parishes run by their brother order, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. So they’re contemplative/active-- mostly contemplative but not strictly. If you want more pictures than you can shake a stick at, I posted on my visit to them here.


Thanks for the info oiboyz, wish I had the courage to go out of the country :o JoyfulSeeker, that's wonderful. I will keep you in prayer as you discern. Are you thinking of the Society of the Body of Christ?



No, in three weeks time I will be joining the Servants of the Sacred Cross. :)



Oh they seem like a great community. Congrats :extrahappy: Please keep us posted about your experience :smiley:


I know them, they’re a really good community!


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