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Hello everybody! I’m curious-- can Sisters join orders in other cities? How do they find out what kinds of options there are all over the world? I read an article about a woman travelling all the way across the states to join Mother Theresa’s order in, I believe, New York City. Can anyone enlighten me as to how to best get information on different orders and their charisms?

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Greetings Sarahq,

A good place to start is by visting with the Vocations Director of the Diocese you are in.

Another good thing to do is to figure out what Orders interest you and contact them. Ask them questions. No need to be shy. :smiley:

Also there’s a publication that is put out yearly and it lists all the religious orders and what not, your parish priest might have one, if not I am sure the Vocations Director of the Diocese can obtain a copy for you.

It is best to get answers about the particulars of whether the Orders are present in which cities and those related questiosn from the Order itself.

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Orders are just as much of a dicsenment as finding a husband. Just because there is a good catholic boy next door dosnt mean you are wrong to move to NYC/texas/LA for your spouse.

Thank you! That publication sounds like something I’d like to get my hands on.

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I sent you a private message with some links (as it was to lengthy to post here)

Yes men or woman do join orders outside of their own country… although many times international orders have houses of formation in more than one country, which means they may have some in Canada as well as other places…which would mean you might not have to travel outside of Canada to join… Remember to that if an order is international you may be posted in any place that order serves… so that is another consideration… do you have ties to keep you in Canada or do you want to perhaps serve and live in another country???

Your director of vocations for your diocese will most likely have a directory available to help you to find orders within your country. They would also have some practical help for you in starting your vocational journey

As to finding out about orders and their charisms? I would Google some of the main orders to start with… Many times they will give you some overviews of their way of life
this can be a starting point. When I began my vocational journey I had file folders full of information from various orders…

Here are a few links that may help…

Google Franciscan sisters in Canada this page came up:*

Dominican sisters in Canada found this:

Hope this gets you started… blessings

Sr Debbie O.S.C.

Greetings Sarahq,

If you cannot find the name of the publication either respond in this thread or you can send me a Personal Message in Catholic Answers Forum and I’ll get that name of the publication to you and a number so you can call and see if they can mail you one to your house.

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