Joining the Navy


I am joining the Navy to help pay for college and I was wondering I know there is a huge shortage of catholic priests in the navy and if where ever I am stationed (carrier, base, etc) if there is a chaplain there who is not a catholic priest but says he can do catholic services is that ok to attend


and of course if there is no catholic churches around


Only a Catholic priest may celebrate the sacraments. If you can’t go to Mass, don’t worry, God will understand and you won’t be sinning mortally. Protestant services and communion services aren’t equal to Mass, nor will they fulfill your Sunday obligation.

Do not listen to anyone who tells you to leave Catholicism. Just smile, hold onto your Faith, bear your crosses patiently and forgive those who offend you, and pray as much as possible. With the Lord, you will be able to do all things!

Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church to learn the Faith. If you have any questions, check out the AAA forum for answers.


thank you for your response I do indeed know quite a lot about the CCC having read it back to forth as well as taught classes on it however all I wished to know is when I am on a boat for 6 or more months at a time when I need spirtual norishment can I go to a non catholic chaplian to help me I know that only catholic priests can celbrate the sacrements because I myself after my stint in the navy will enter the seminary to be a priest


Well here is a strange twist on this question that I never thought of before. I know they can not have Mass, but can the Eucharist still be reserved in a chapel, and if so, could a chaplain hold a Communion Service if they did so respectful of the Catholic faith?

Perhaps someone with experience in the military life can answer this question.


That is a really great question I mean I have heard of sisters as long as the communion is sacrementally blessed by a priest can hold a service and they arent priests


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