Joining the third order of the carmelites


Since I have joined the Carmelites 3rd order. i have lost my Job, all hell has exploded and almost every day so many people have come around and have wanted help, and youth at risk seeping through the doors for refuge and help.
I found the Carmelites in the 70s and realised following the “little way” was for me but little did I know that this would happen if I joined the 3rd order.

I need help to get through this.


I don’t know much about the carmelites ,are you a nun now?or a monk?..what is the 3rd order?why did you lose your job?


Sorry for your situation, you’re in my prayers


Littleone, the things you have been experiencing are not necessarily related to your becoming a 3rd order Carmelite. It may be that God knew He would allow you down this parth for your sanctification, and that is why He wanted you to have the extra graces of being a Carmelite first.

You are right that you need help through this – and thanks be to God that you know it. Turn to Our Lord and His Mother to lead and strengthen you. Turn to St. Joseph for his prayers and protection.

You will be in our prayers as well. And may God work His own great good through the events of your life!

(currently exploring my local secular Carmelites)


that is a good point :slight_smile:

God seems to have saved many of my trials for me till I became Catholic. lol.


I am impressed God finds you worthy of such trials. :slight_smile: You must trust Him greatly and be meant for high holiness.


Firstly the company lost the contract hence my job was lost and the company could not employ me.
The third order are those who married and or unmarried people who feel strongly that they need a deeper relationship with God and are not able to, or God has not chosen them to be priest or nun. We say the same “litergy of the word” as the priests and nuns do, and for me I follow the OCDS order (there are other carmelite orders) and the way of St Therese the little flower, the “little way of spiritual childhood”.


“Littleone” I’m very sorry to hear that all of this is happening to you. :frowning: I’m confused by something, though.

When you say… people are coming around and wanting help; “youth at risk”, etc. do you mean that they’re coming to your home? Like… knocking on your door at all hours?

Are these people who you knew, formerly? Or are they somehow given access to your address, phone number, name… etc., by the Third Order? :shrug:

I hope my question isn’t too dumb. I’m just trying to understand what you’ve been going through. God bless you. You are in my prayers.


Hi Wayne, it’s been awhile, glad to hear from you. I know you have been through so much already in this lifetime, but you know the Lord is with you and always have been. Don’t let doubt in your call discourage you. It’s just more pruning as you say. Tim


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