Joker (2019 Movie)

Did anyone see this? There’s been some concern over it in the media. I saw it today and it had some disturbing imagery but I think it had a very deep and important message about the seriousness of mental illness and about how we should just be kinder to everyone because this world is a dark place sometimes. Thoughts?


Isn’t that already a mainstream sentiment?


I won’t see it- both because I have no interest in Marvel/DC, and because these sorts of movies glorify violence. It also doesn’t help that someone was dragged out of a theatre because they began maniacally laughing during the most gruesome moments.


It doesn’t glorify violence it does the exact opposite.

Parents guidance section in IMDb might have said it contains nudity so thus I don’t want to see it.:rose:

( I presume sexual nudity from what I’ve read)

“Arthur as a voice for the working class of Gotham, taking on Thomas as the biggest capitalist in the city is a really interesting way to go for Joker”

““V For Vendetta”-style anti-capitalist revolutionary”

There is no sexual nudity. A couple of underwear shots of a guy in the movie (like when he is dying his hair) and a man washes his sick mother in a bath but you don’t see anything more than a little cleavage. From what I can recall (saw last night).

Edit: just read IMDB, had missed most of the stuff mentioned there. Like they say, it’s hard to catch.

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I saw it. Thought it was great, acting was fantastic and the message I felt was a good one - I came away with more empathy towards the marginalised in society (specifically people with mental illness) because they did such a good job at the beginning of the movie showing how cruel “good” people can be to those who are different. But then again, maybe others would have taken a different message away. I don’t know.

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Doesn’t have graphic nudity actually. Only time is when Arthur is bathing his mother, and that isn’t even nudity as most would show these days. There is some violence, but I’ve seen more violence in Rambo movies than this, and Rambo never got a hard R-rating. Joker is disturbing though as it shows a man driven into madness by society. It is a character study film, and maybe even a social commentary film. Seen it twice already and will go for a third. It is not an easy movie to watch though as you will have much to think about after seeing it.

In theory perhaps. But in practice folk with serious mental illness face awful situations in our society.


I’ve seen it yesterday and I really don’t remember any nudity. We see the joker in his underwear at home, but that’s really not sexual in any way and we see him helping his mother to wash her hair, but we see only his mothers face and shoulder. The camera doesn’t go lower.
There are some very brutal scenes, but really no sex at all.

I noticed interesting catholic imagery in it .

Minor spoiler I guess?

In the scene where Arthur talks with the guy in the mental health hospital about the files of his mother he suddenly changes topic and says he has done some bad things. The way it is shown how he speaks through the grid which separates him from the normal guy reminded me of traditional confessionals, where people would confess their sins too through a grid. I thought it was interesting.

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I’m sure that imagery is deliberate as the confessional is used in a number of traditions and is a generic enough image to be used as a symbol in that context. The Joker in any version I am familiar with has never been shown to have an explicitly stated faith, nor has Batman for the most part. A few alternate versions of the latter have been shown as Anglican or Jewish but the mainstream version of Batman is normally shown to be a lapsed Christian of some kind, likely a Catholic or Episcopalian.

I’m in two minds as to whether to watch this or not.

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The Joker is a very good movie. Not just a good superhero movie, but a good movie in general. It’s worth a watch.

I can imagine Batman being an Anglican :grin:, but to be honest, if Batman were a Christian (or even a Catholic), he would be too similar to Daredevil.

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Daredevil’s Catholicism is a retcon, added on many years after the character was created. No need though really to know Batman’s faith, he is a self-professed atheist in mainstream continuity in any case.

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I never go to comic book or super hero movies but this one looked different so I went. It was a little better than ok. I’d give it 2 1/2 out of 4 stars. I won’t say what I liked about it because of spoilers. Offsetting what I liked is it was difficult to watch the main character. I have sympathy for those suffering mental illness and neurological ailments but to watch it on a screen for two hours was difficult.

I saw the movie and I liked it. It’s important to remember it is NOT a superhero movie (I don’t think it was intended to be). It’s a horror movie, or at least a “psychological thriller.” Yes, it is a violent movie, but I don’t think it “justifies” violence anymore than, say, Sweeney Todd does.

That was just a regular old disorderly drunk. It happens in movies everywhere all the time, but because the media have an agenda against this movie in particular, they played up that one incidence.

Media hate it because it pushes notion of SWM as victim of single mom parenting, government corruption and mental illness

Media narrative is everyone except SWM are victims and instead SWM are inherently evil perpetrators of violence (mass shootings) or racism (Covington) or sex assault (Kavanaugh)

If SWM are victims, they can’t be evil, hence the media backlash

Media so afraid people will see it they tried to scare people away with false threats of shootings and that FBI are monitoring Joker threads

Actually, there is a real fear due to the theater shooting from the Batman movie with the Joker in it. So, in Colorado, there is increased security and monitoring to avoid any chance of a copycat incident. This is just using sensible precautions and the police explained that this would take place.

No, Joker was in 2008 Batman movie

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