Jokingly untrue


I have a very weird sense of humor. For instance, given that I’m so unsuccessful starting relationships with women, I may sarcastically say, “I think I’m going to try out being homosexual for a couple of weeks and see how that fairs” – even though I have no real intention of doing such. Such a joke seems to toy with homosexual relationships as being acceptable, not to mention it’s blatantly untrue – because I don’t want to pursue such a relationship ever.

Is it wrong say sarcastic or joking statements if they are untrue?

Only if the person you say them to takes you seriously. Our posture and tone are also forms of communication, and should clearly allow those you’re speaking to, to know when you are being serious or not. (esp those who know you) you may want to be more careful around those who do not know you.

If I knew you and knew that the statement was a joke I would probably have had a good chuckle over it too, but it really is not the best neighborly thing to say cause it does have a negative overtone toward our brothers and sisters who need our understanding (not accepting their life style mind you) and for others to see Jesus in them and all of those around us. We should not accept the sins but accept the sinner just as Jesus told us to do.


The sarcasm here is understandable. The choice of object could be better. For example, if in your quip you insert “join the seminary” or “join the monastery” the point is made without a reference to sexual nature.

Another possibility would be to state, “I think I am going to go into the desert and eat locust and honey for a month (a la John the Baptist).” You create a humorous image without denigating anyone.

So, it is not wrong to do so, and it is good that you are examing how you state your thoughts.

May God bless you


you mention 4 times in that one little passage that are not homosexual and that you have no intention of becoming one…

Plus your wording “I don’t want to pursue such a relationship ever”. Most would just say “well I just not attracted to men…” but not you, …interesting…

Relax. It’s humorous, if someone gets offended tell them to lighten up. My wife and I have joked that since we’re such miserable failures at NFP (just found out number 3 is on the way) that we should become Anglicans so we can use ABC.

I must be a bit like you :wink:

My only responce to that would be “It’s a joke, moron. Get over it!”

If somebody can’t take a joke or at least see it for what it is, It’s their problem. Not mine. They are wound too tight.

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