Jonah And The Wow: An Orthodox Shocker

The current buzz on the ecumenical front might be dominated by the establishment of a new Anglican province in North America… but worthy of more attention – especially 'round these parts – is the “astonishing, spirited” earthquake in Stateside and Canadian Orthodoxy that took place a couple weeks back in Pittsburgh.

Rocked by a financial abuse scandal that’s seen several top officials and hierarchs disciplined or even deposed from orders and its leader cleared out after an investigation, the million-member Orthodox Church in America’s top council of clergy and laity received a stirring, prophetic call to conversion from its juniormost bishop – a Texas auxiliary ordained to the episcopacy just eleven days earlier…

…then, hours later, said juniormost prelate – a 49 year-old monastic who converted from Anglicanism before his 20th birthday – was elected as the church’s new head.

As they say, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

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Its an interesting story - I don’t hear much in the mainstream media about the Orthodox Church in America. I’m sorry they are having a financial scandal. Perhaps this newly risen star will help re-focus the church away from its recent troubles and on to what is eternally important.

Why am I reminded of the movie, “Shoes of the Fisherman”?


Eis polla eti, despota,
Metropolitan Jonah, Metropolitan of All America and Canada


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