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So I was watching the Greg Gutfeld Show and they had former Priest Jonathan Morris. When they put his name on the screen they had Theologian under his name. My question is, is he still involved in his Catholic Faith? Does he still write books on theology? I realize not all Theologians are Priest. Just curious what he is up to. I was disappointed that he left the priesthood, but hope he is still involved in the faith

I also watched that interview. I am not sure what his job title is now. He was the go to person a FOX analyst for all things Catholic, but now that he is no longer a priest, I am not sure.

Just curious, did you feel any weird interaction towards Jonathan by Greg Gutfeld?
I am not a big fan of Gutfeld. He almost seemed to be mocking Morris a few
times. @bassmansteiny

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Jonathan Morris has stated in the past that he is not leaving Catholicism, just the priesthood. He seems very qualified to still be the “go to” person for FOX or wherever he chooses, IMO.


That’s how Greg acts with everyone! He’s just a big goof!


That seems a good descriptive word for him.


No I didn’t get that feeling. That’s just Gutfelds smart-alec humor. I’m kinda the same way. :wink::grin:

Just kinda weird to see him on there after seeing him as a Priest all these years. I wasn’t sure how to feel, lol. Guess I am just curious where he is at in his Catholic faith.

I wonder if this is kind of his return to the media. If so, as long as he is still active in his Catholic faith then I don’t think I would have to much of an issue with him representing our faith. If that makes any sense, lol.

Ok, that makes me feel better. While I was disappointed he left the Priesthood, I do like the guy, think he is highly intelligent and was/is a good representative/spokesman for our faith.

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I like him too and I was disappointed in him leaving the priesthood too. As it happened, a priest I had known for 10 years had announced he was leaving the
priesthood shortly before Jonathan Morris announced he was leaving. So as a convert since 2008, it was a double blow.

He was in the movie The Irishman (although a small role).

He has such a cute little face - so innocent. I am sure he was the apple of his
mother’s eye.

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I’d suggest asking Mr Morris these questions, he has Twitter and Facebook pages

Plus Greg was raised Catholic (was an altar boy–he has said this himself) but no longer claims to be Catholic so I guess that had a hand in how he dealt with Jonathan.

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That’s a good idea, but I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. My only social media these days consists of YouTube, this forum and 2 music forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe he is Agnostic now.

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Yeah, Greg currently does identify as agnostic. He used to say he was an atheist. Maybe that means he’s slowly making his way back to the Church. I hope and pray so. One thing for sure, he is staunchly pro-life. Several times on The Five he’s made a rousing defense of the unborn. (While sadly, Juan Williams, who identifies as a Christian is pro-choice.) I remember thinking, “Wow, this is amazing to see an atheist/agnostic speaking so strongly against abortion!”


I think Greg is very logical, and he makes great analogies when discussing issues. He is the one whose opinion I value the most on The Five. He thinks independently.


Does anyone know how it works when a priest leaves the priesthood? Does that mean he is basically “divorced” and can’t then “remarry”? Or is he free to marry a woman if he has a dispensation from the Pope?

The Pope gives him his instructions upon leaving the Priesthood.


Modernly, the laicization usually leaves them free to marry. Historically, most did not have permission to marry.

Even laicized, they can (and must) provide confession and lat rites in extreme circumstances.

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Wow, I didn’t know that! Thanks!

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They will receive an official letter from the Pope letting them know “how they stand” or what they are allowed and not allowed to do.

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