Jordan confirms pilot held by ISIS after plane crash


Jordanian military confirmed on Wednesday that one of its warplanes crashed in northern Syria and that the pilot was captured by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“During a mission Wednesday morning conducted by several Jordanian Air Force planes against hideouts of the ISIS terrorist organization in the Raqa region, one of the planes went down and the pilot was taken hostage” by ISIS, state news agency Petra quoted a source from the military’s general staff as saying.

The official did not say why the plane went down, but both the jihadists and a monitoring group said it had been shot with an anti-aircraft missile.

“Jordan holds the group and its supporters responsible for the safety of the pilot and his life,” the statement added.


This pilot was a 26 year old flight lieutenant and was just married in July. He has been with the Jordanian air force for 6 years.
I started a prayer intention for this pilot and his safe return.
He did not look injured, but I am sure that IS sees this as a victory since it is the first enemy jet to be shot down and the pilot captured on top of that.

Praying for a Christmas miracle!


Jordan plane 'not shot down by IS’

In a statement, US Central Command (Centcom) said it strongly condemned the actions of IS, and confirmed the group “has taken captive the downed pilot”.

It did not say what could have caused the plane to crash.

However, it said it would not tolerate IS’s “attempts to misrepresent or exploit this unfortunate aircraft crash for their own purposes”.

“Evidence clearly indicates that Isil [IS] did not down the aircraft as the terrorist organisation is claiming,” it added.


I thought the Jordanians reported it was shot down by surface to air missile. :confused:


The father is requesting his son be treated as a guest.

They still are not sure if the jet suffered a mechanical failure or was shot down. The U.S. says it was not shot down.

IS is conducting a poll on what should be done with the pilot.

Jordan has warned IS not to harm the pilot.


Sadly I think it would take an actual miracle for the soldier to make it out of this alive.


I am praying for a miracle. :signofcross:

I know it doesn’t look good.


The Daily Mail is reporting that the U.S. made a failed raid to get the Jordanian pilot, but again they lost the element of surprise and the mission failed. So far CNN or FOX are not reporting this. At least I haveb’t seen it on their online sites yet. So not sure if they are waiting for confirmation.


Sad, sad to say. This news broke, someone can post the full-story.

Mean, mean ISIS though dropping bombs may well be ISIS’s rationale on doing such a thing. This is war.

Was there not a story that Jordan said if they killed this pilot, Jordan would kill ISIS members in its jails? I know that sounds way out of the way, we in the West would respond.


That’s what Jordan intend to do.

Jordan announces execution of six ISIS prisoners ‘within hours’ in retaliation after terrorists release lavish video of Jordanian pilot being TORCHED to death in a cage in yet another new low for humanity

Read more:


God help us.

When is the world going to implement an effective strategy to stop ISIS? The US is useless under Obama. Someone else has to take the lead for now.


It’s astounding how quickly they’ve grown out of nowhere (no doubt somewhere), with stories every day of youngsters going off to fight with them and/or marry them from Western countries, Denmark, UK etc…! :confused:

The latest two stories today, 17 yr twin girls and a 15 yr old girl - who left to fight or get married to the terrorists.


Well, let’s see. What is ISIS offering them that we are not? Something to live for maybe - I guess that’s die for.


I have thought of this poor pilot many times since I read this article a couple hours ago. I also worry that ISIS will someday walk down my street if the governments don’t figure out how to stop their organization, and soon.


Don’t be surprised if they live three blocks away from you. :wink: Their kids go to school with yours.


Jordan is supposedly going to execute 5 ISIS prisoners tomorrow morning.


I said so many prayers for this pilot. Praying for the repose of his soul. They believe he was killed January 3rd. ISIS is pure evil!

My prayers tonight are for the family of the pilot.


ISIS may find they have entered an era of take no prisoners. A really significant portion of the Middle East is made up of tribes and has far more loyalty to a specific tribe than to the countries within which they reside. It may be time for us to back off a bit and let them sort it out, on the old “eye for eye, and tooth for tooth” code which permeates a significant portion of the tribes.


I believe they are holding an american aide worker too who is female.
I don’t want to imagine how she has suffered.


It is now 7:40 AM in Jordan.

Here is some savvy advice from

The response will be harsh and immediate, but will it have much impact? ISIS fighters assume they’ll get killed in jihad anyway, and the prisoners being held by Jordan now might have more value dead to Baghdadi than alive. On the other hand, Baghdadi has already started killing fighters who retreat, which seems like an indicator of poor morale, and the fact that Jordan was willing to deal on prisoner exchanges might have some of the rank and file wondering whether they’d just be better off sneaking off into the darkness.

Rash action, moral dilemma, of course, the country is outraged.

CONFIRMED, 2 Terrorists have been executed. - CNN

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