Jordan Says Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem Is 'Red Line'


Jordan’s government spokesman warned on Thursday of “catastrophic” repercussions if President-elect Donald Trump makes good on a campaign promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to contested Jerusalem.

Such a move could affect relations between the U.S. and regional allies, including Jordan, Information Minister Mohammed Momani told The Associated Press, addressing the issue publicly for the first time.

An embassy move would be a “red line” for Jordan, would “inflame the Islamic and Arab streets” and serve as a “gift to extremists,” he said, adding that Jordan would use all possible political and diplomatic means to try and prevent such a decision.

The U.S. considers pro-Western Jordan as an important ally in a turbulent Mideast. The Hashemite kingdom is a key member of a U.S.-led military coalition against Islamic State extremists in neighboring Syria and Iraq, and maintains discreet security ties with Israel.


I get so tired of the Middle East and their anger over everything Israel!

I am disappointed in Jordan. I have always admired their king.


Jordan has been tip-toeing the tightrope with its population for many years. Now that the region is at war and knocking at their door they rightfully will have anxiety at every bad idea.


Not to mention that the majority of the population is Palestinian. The king is Bedouin.


Yes. Jordan has a sizable Palestinian population. The King’s peace accord with Israel was the model for the region and the Kingdom maintained a calm demeanor internationally but the Jordanians are a complex population. It could look like Syria in a few years if they are not careful. Thus the nervous talk.


I know they did bring in refugees.



I wouldn’t view this as a Jordanian King laying the law down with Israel as much as a Jordanian King signifying his house is not in complete order.

A maneuver of relocating the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem puts pressure on Fatah (who identifies East Jerusalem as their Capital) if you completely lose Fatah – it is back to Palestinians shooting Iranian rockets in Israeli neighborhoods and Israelis with massive retaliation.

I wouldn’t be shocked if US peacekeeping troops ended up in Jerusalem to protect US Embassy personnel. That benefits no one.

The safest action a Trump admin could offer to Israeli/Palestinian talks is a trip to Trump Plaza in NY with A LOT of wine. :smiley:


you are probably right. he has done well so far to keep Jordan stable with all the chaos around and since he did bring in refugees he doesn’t want any problems with protests or terrorist attacks in Jordan. I am sure he will have a heart to heart call with Trump soon.
I remember the sad story of the Jordanian pilot shot down and captured by ISIS and the horrible death he suffered at their hands. the king does not want ISIS targeting Jordan. once again though, we back down to the bullies.


Jordan is a stable country in the Middle East. If moving the embassy to Jerusalem would create issues then I’m all for respecting their wishes.


The Jordanians are famous for back room deals. I believe they were among the first ME nations to approach Ben Gurian, in secret of course. They have not stayed in one piece all these years by accident. There is not one drop of oil in Jordan, so they have to be shrewd. They probably want some new military toys or money.


No, it’s rather that the population would erupt should Trump follow through on that foolhardy pledge.


I know Jordanians who have told me that the Palestinians are not really all that trusted in Jordan due to the fact that they have tried to overthrow the monarchy several times.


One remembers that Jordan booted the PLO out of Jordan a few decades ago.

It needs to be realized that Fatah is not all that popular among Palestinians. It’s quite corrupt, and has millions in “aid” dollars that could be used to help Palestinians, sitting in the U.S. under control of Fatah leadership.

Hamas drove Fatah out of Gaza, killing many of them, and will do the same thing in the West Bank unless Israel prevents it. The only thing that keeps the west Bank from being a Gaza-like terrorist haven is the Israeli presence there.


It’s been the official US position for decades that the US embassy in Israel should be in Jerusalem, which is the capital of Israel. I think the real foolhardy action is allowing the crazies in the Palestinian controlled regions to dictate US policy for more than 2 decades.


Imo, hosting the Embassy in Tel Aviv has been a relatively prudent strategy. If anything, it has offered less to Hamas in terms of baiting the population into terrorism.

Netanyahu and Abbas have the ability to sit and talk to one another – as was simply demonstrated recently at Shimon Peres funeral. If that ability is lost it may get ugly.

Abbas has given a warning/threat about the talk of the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem. He’s usually the more reasonable voice - given the makeup of the Palestinian camp. It’s not worth the potential of spilling blood. And Israel doesn’t fair well Internationally when it’s forced into any military actions.

Also, Moscow is trying to aid in a reconciliation process between Hamas and Fatah which further complicates matters.

When the potential losses loom larger than gains it should help inform strategy.

The Trump admin should focus domestically and on trade with China.


The King of Jordan is NOT a Bedouin. The term “Bedouin” refer “to the people (Arabs and non-Arabs) who live, or have descended from tribes who lived, stationary or nomadic lifestyles outside cities and towns.”

Far from being a “Bedouin”, the present King of Jordan, Abdullah II, is the great-grandson of Abdullah I, King of Jordan from 1921-1951 who was born in Mecca and was the son of Hussein bin Ali, Sharif and Emir of Mecca who was born in Istanbul in 1853. The brother of Abdullah I of Jordan was Faisal, King of Iraq from 1921-1933. The present King of Jordan belongs to a long line of rulers of Mecca stretching back until at least 1201 and were descended from the Prophet Muhammad. They were not a family of nomadic Arabs who lived outside of towns.


The United States does NOT officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Moving our embassy there will cause monumental headaches for the Jordanians, as I am sure their emissaries are telling Trump.

I would not be at all surprised to see Trump back off this promise.


And he’s half-Brit.

The King of Jordan is NOT a Bedouin.

If he’s descended at all from one of the first Crusader kings of Jerusalem, maybe he’s a “Baudouin”! :smiley:


Unofficially many US diplomats have but this bill submitted 3 days ago (currently referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations) aims to change this.

S.11 - Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act

To recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, to relocate to Jerusalem the United States Embassy in Israel, and for other purposes.

Sponsor: Sen. Heller, Dean [R-NV]

Cosponsor Date Cosponsored
Sen. Cruz, Ted [R-TX]*
Sen. Rubio, Marco [R-FL]*
Sen. Cotton, Tom [R-AR]*
Sen. Inhofe, James M. [R-OK]*
Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX]
Sen. Toomey, Pat [R-PA]


thanks for the clarification. I questioned that also.
I have deep admiration of this King of Jordan.

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