Jordan's king: Fight on ISIS "a third world war"


President Obama will meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah II at the White House Friday morning to discuss the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), an ongoing civil war in Syria and Middle East peace.

The leader believes to fight the extremists in ISIS, the Muslim world must come together. “This is a Muslim problem. We need to take ownership of this. We need to stand up and say what is right and what is wrong.”

He told CBS News’ Charlie Rose this is a fight between good and evil and Muslims must take a stand to defeat the extremists.

Abdullah believes the threat posed by ISIS is “a third world war by other means.” He explained his plan to defeat the threat: “… I hope the short term part of it is going to be the military, the medium term is the security aspect of it. But the long term is going to be the ideological one.”


King Abdullah II’s descriptor, “…a third world war by other means,” has a Clausewitzian twist to it.


In a way, he’s right. The good Muslims must handle this because if the West does, it very well could lead to “World War III” and a very bad one at that with people living next door (literally) to the enemy.


Exactly. WWIII could very well be on our doorstep - either with Russia/Ukraine or with ISIS - or both. Russia/Ukraine seems eerily similar to Nazi Germany’s takeover of Austria and the Sudetenland. On the other hand, if ISIS gets too close to Israel, it’ll make the current stuff between Israel and the Palestinians look like candy.


I respect King Abdullah II’s opinion. He is very wise and has helped so many refugees already. I hope he and other Muslim leaders can do something to help stop ISIS because the leaders in the west seem to be losing the battle with ISIS.


King Abdullah II is right in what he said. I was waiting to hear a Muslim leader say it so straightforward and truthfully.


As much as King Abdullah II is a leader of goodwill – he has very minimal influence in the region (and quite dependent on his neighbor’s resources). But he has lots to be concerned with from IS since so many Jordanians have joined their ranks.

But the competing interests show no true desire in coming together.

The Saudi’s are still insisting on “international” troops; and just trying to maintain order in the Kingdom.

The Iranians want no one but their boys in Iraq – which may be good for Baghdad but understood as death squads to those in the Anbar province. The Anbar tribal leaders have been calling for Jordanian or Saudi’s help with weapons or support but that hasn’t been going well for them.

Lebanese Hezbollah has had thousands fighting Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra and really took a beating in the Bekaa Valley. They seem more intent of keeping a low profile. They are an extension of Iranian foreign policy so their interests are a given.

Turkey does not appear keen on confronting extremists from the Islamic State and focused on removing Assad - plus their relationship with the Kurds is always hairy.

Qatar is a dead weight by funding all sorts of nefarious groups.

The Islamic States demise will stem from its brutal tactics (mostly to ensure op sec) and its focus to be set apart from other terrorists; by being a territorial entity (parts of its caliphate). It cannot hold the land long term. When that is taken away so does its Raison d’être. The recruits will stop coming in from the region and Europe.

The future problems that may arise within some of these Arab nations (inspired by these individuals making such an impact) - who knows?



What if the land isn’t taken away?


There’s a lot of reasons to confidently argue why they won’t keep the land….but given that it may be a period of time where a lot of terrible human suffering takes place- this reminds me to take the opportunity of a quiet First Saturday morning and pray the Rosary.


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