Jordin Sparks American Idol winner is Pro-Life advocate :slight_smile:

404’d :wink: :shrug:

I wonder how that got past the Hollywood censors. :eek:

The link doesn’t work for me…

I got to the page…that is so wonderful. I expressed my opinion in my new BLOG. :smiley:

There’s a typo in the original link. Here’s the link again, in case anyone is interested (and they should be!).


Very refreshing…good to know, thanks for the link:thumbsup:

OUTSTANDING!!! I voted 9 times for her to win!!! (yes, just on the final night. I don’t vote during the season). And I saw her on Fox the next morning answer the question about her Purity Ring and even told my DH about it because my two oldest daughters asked me for a Purity Ring! I told them what it was for and they want one.

I did NOT know she was pro-life and that just totally made me excited for voting for such a good person! Thanks for sharing!!! :smiley:

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