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I just read a book about St. Joseph the “husband” of Our Lady, the holy Mother of GOD. The author is Maria Cecilia Baij, a 18th century Benedictine sister. She saw the life of Joseph in visions. And she said that Joseph had got the mercy from the Holy Spirit of NEVER in his life being tempted. So he lived in holy chastity his whole life. I know that in the Middle Ages there were noble people - sometimes Saints - who were married but lived in chastity as a penance and a sacrifice for the sins of the world. In German there is the term of “Josefsehe”, that is: Josephite marriage. I think today this is no more possible. But I wonder if there are couples who make love only to get a baby and live in chastity the rest of the time?

Chastity is not what you think it is. Everyone should live in chastity. It differs according to your state in life. St Joseph was the servant of Mary in practice and only a ‘husband’ in name so his state of life was celibacy. And yes people are given the gift of celibacy but it would not be appropriate in marriage. It was a once off in that that 'marriage ’ of the Holy family. You’d have to ask God the reason, but I’d expect for the appearance of Jesus having a normal family life. Chastity in married life is something you best look up in a catholic dictionary. It is about being moderate in the act and respectful of your partner and not just giving in the base desires or expecting your partner to fulfill your every want. It is definitely not abstinence. That would not be marriage. But I’m celibate so you are really better looking it up for the exact words.

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It’s very possible. Those who do it are unlikely to announce to you that they are doing it however.
It is also something best done under guidance of a spiritual director who may well tell a couple that it’s not a good idea for them.

This is very overbroad. There have been Josephite marriages of various saints and blesseds throughout history, for various reasons. It’s not always for penance. The latest example of a blessed who did this that I have read about was in the early 1900s and he passed away in 1926. I’m sure there are later examples than that of which I just haven’t read or heard. It’s not a “once off”, although of course the reason for Mary and Joseph’s decision was a “once off”.

I would note that while this book on St. Joseph is popular in certain circles, it’s an unapproved private revelation and the forum Terms of Service tell us not to post material from unapproved private revelations. Pope Benedict XV allowed the book to be published, but that does not constitute approval of the revelation.

Married couples manage their marital relations in all sorts of different ways, for all sorts of reasons, including medical reasons and religious reasons. It is not your business what a couple might decide to do and why. Like I said they typically wouldn’t be sharing their personal arrangements with anyone other than their doctors and spiritual directors.

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Why put the word husband in quotes? Joseph was Mary’s a husband. They were married.


Everyone of us is called to live in chastity according to our state in life. Married people practice chastity if they wish to avoid sin.

Chastity does not mean going without the marital embrace.

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It is possible in theory, even nowdays. It is lived by some, but not a current trend, not as valued by Church and the society as it was in times before.

Of course, yes.And certainely much more in traditional communities than the rest of the Church.
But as for the previous question, not seen or valued a lot.

Apart that, a lot of medical or social reasons exist as enough a reason for many faithfull catholic couples to live indefinitely without sexual intimacy.

A Josephite marriage is unordinary and generally not recommended but it is possible up to the present day; no reason that it would be possible in the past but not possible today.

Joseph was the real husband of Mary, not a secret agent “husband”.

Jesus was the son of Mary, and Joseph was the husband of Mary, so by Jewish law and norms, Joseph was the father of Jesus. DNA tests and “biological father” are more of a modern thing.

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